Organize Early Reader Novels and Novel Series

Organize Children's Books

This week we are focusing in our kids spaces, so I’m going to show you a trick for keeping early reader novels from slipping, sliding, and falling all over your bookshelves.

Let me tell you about one of my twin girls named Allison. If you don’t know where Allison is, she is somewhere reading. She has even experimented with reading her paper books while in the bath. That went really well. Ha! Sometimes past her bedtime, we will catch her hiding somewhere in the house reading by moonlight. Over Christmas break, I actually had to tell her she wasn’t allowed to read anymore until she played with her sisters a while. She has different books stashed all over my house, so she will have one to read while she brushes her teeth, if she comes in the craft room with me, in the living room, office, kitchen, her baby brother’s room, the playroom, various hallways, my room … you get the idea. Whatever room she is in, she will pick up that book and start reading where she left off. There is no telling how many stories are currently running unfinished through her mind!!

Reading is just part of Allison being Allison. I don’t advocate the idea of hoarding by any means, but when I see a used set of children’s novels or a good deal somewhere on a series I think she might like, I buy them. {When my kids graduate to the next level of books, we will pass these on!}

So, I’ve borrowed an idea I’ve seen in elementary school classrooms for my own bookshelves to organize the masses of early reader novels. I’m going to pass this trick on to you.

Arrange the slim early reader novels into little bins on the bookshelf. That is it. Easy peasy. Kid spaces need to be easier to maintain than adult spaces. It is hard for kids to deal with novels slipping and sliding all over shelves. The shelves are bound to get disorganized. This solves that problem!!

Organize Early Reader Novels

If I were cool, I’d take this one step further and label the bins with which series go inside. I’ll get there, but it may not happen this week. It is time for the seasonal wardrobe change-out for all four kids. Fun, fun!

Organize Early Reader Novels

For now, this works for me!! (And it works for the kids, which probably matters more.)

The shelf with our early reader novels organized into happy little bins


Baby boy’s board books are in a bin in his room. Different answers for different situations, for sure. :) How do you organize your children’s books?

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25 thoughts on “Organize Early Reader Novels and Novel Series

    1. Yes, that is what I thought when I saw it in my kids’ classrooms – why didn’t I think of it? Glad to hear I’m not the only one. :)

  1. It doesn’t look like you need any more books, but I wanted to recommend the Ivy and Bean series. My daughter loves them!

  2. Love this! We have two shelves in our Expedit that are dedicated to the book collections. It’s supposed to be board books lower and paper books higher to keep unkind toddler-hands out of the nicer books. But the older kids are TERRIBLE about putting them away. I will have to try the bins and see if it helps.

  3. I love the way the bookshelf looks now AND I noticed the picture arrangement behind the bookshelf. Looking good!!! Love you, Mom xoxo

  4. This made me smile…I used to get grounded from reading as a kid. I still read voraciously, it’s like an unquenchable thirst. Tell Allison to keep it up!

  5. Has she read any of the The Adventures of The Bailey School Kids series? Zombies don’t play soccer, Mermaids don’t run track, etc

    I found a plastic box (sterlite?) that holds mass market paperbacks really well and was pleased to find out it holds children’s books too. Just not at the same time. And since I don’t have a little one reading them, the lid comes in handy.

  6. Love this! My daughter has the perfect shelf for this set up in her room already, it is currently the shoe shelf (which I have to fight her to keep her shoes on!). I bet if I took the time to do this since she is a reader, she would probaly try really hard to keep it straight and orderly!

  7. I have a bunch of books for my grandkids. Sometimes they come here to “checkout” books. My youngest grandson favorite thing is to pull ALL the books off the shelf. I’m going to give this a try and hopefully he will just pull off the basket with the board books and get distracted with those.

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