Packing List Extraordinaire, A Traveling Tip, & My Odyssey

I don’t go anywhere in forever, then BAM! A million business trips all at once! And all at the busiest time of year for kids activities and end of school year stuff. Still, these are trips I just can’t miss. But, as you imagine, I like to be prepared. Just a little bit. So I created a special packing list that would be generic to work for all three of my business trips this spring and even our family trip to the beach later this summer.

Drum roll, please!!!! The Packing List Extraordinaire!

The Best Packing List Ever

Download the colored PDF HERE, or the Black & White Friendly one HERE. These printables are for personal use only and should not be shared anywhere else online. If you’d like to share this printable with your friends, which I highly encourage, please link back to this entire post. Thank you!

Tips to using the packing list: Most of it is already filled out to remind you to think of all the different types of things to bring. Anything specific you can write in to the blank spaces. Fill it out once and then make a copy. Chances are you bring a lot of the same stuff on trips with you, why re-invent the wheel every time having to remember? This is the same philosophy I take to my weekly grocery list. Doing this always saves me time!

And while you’re traveling, remember to bring a mesh garment bag for your dirty laundry. You can create a make-shift clothes hamper in your hotel room like this —

Travel Tip - Use a mesh bag to hang as a makeshift clothes hamper

This make-shift hamper picture was taken in the beautiful Little America hotel in Salt Lake City. This time two weeks ago I was there for SNAP 2014, a blogging conference for creative and home bloggers. I met some phenomenal women and attended some fantastic classes. I mean, I learned sewing from Dana from Made, painting from Miss Mustard Seed herself, and more about publishing from Gina at the Shabby Creek Cottage. I mean, come on!! What is not to love about that?! Also, a special shout out to Becky from Organizing Made Fun! Becky and I explored SLC and found a few fun places to get a bite in between sessions! I really enjoyed being able to connect real people to online personas!

And since I was an organizing blogger attending a creative conference, I was especially surprised and happy to win an honorable mention in the door decorating contest. How did I decorate my door? With sticky notes, of course! But not alone, thank you Brooke and Rachel for helping me! (And to honor you, I am not posting your picture here. You’re welcome.)

Chevron door decorated with sticky notes

This morning I am in California at Shaklee’s headquarters. I’m attending the New Director’s Conference for people who have promoted to director within the last year and are rocking their business!! Shaklee is paying for my trip and lots of fun extra things in California. They are really spoiling all of us! How awesome, right?! Shaklee is an amazing company to partner with. I feel really privileged to be here this week! {And a special thanks to my Mother-in-law for helping things run smoothly back at home!}

Be sure to follow me on Instagram to keep up with my trip!

Next weekend I will be in Chicago with lots of people from my personal Shaklee team. We are all attending a regional conference there. I am so honored to go to a special luncheon for those in the top 25 in the Midwest region for sponsoring new members and team members. My team is growing  so fast!! It is SO MUCH FUN!!!! {A special thanks to all my readers out there who have become my Shaklee customers and team members. You rock!!!}

So, there you have it, a packing list extraordinaire, a travel tip, and my own odyssey.  I hope you have some trips of your own coming up soon and can use this awesome packing list.

Any of my readers in the Chicago area? Drop me an email, because I’d love to invite you to a public-welcome Shaklee night in Chicago. (Using the Contact Me link above goes straight to my email.)

Until next time!!!

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