Brighten & Organize My Laundry Room

How I Brightened and Organized My Laundry Room

I was on a mission to brighten and organize my laundry room. And I had just ONE nap time to do it! I put my toddler down for his nap and went right to work!

Some may wonder why anyone would want to waste time cleaning and organizing a laundry room. You know, it is just a place you go to do laundry and get cleaning supplies. As a matter of principle, I don’t believe in only keeping public areas nice, because that says we only keep our homes a certain way because we care what others think about us. I decorate and organize my home in a way that makes my family comfortable and happy, which means I want my entire home to have a good atmosphere.

I’m in and out of my laundry room several times a day and many times a week, it might as well be a bright, happy spot!

I just did a few simple touches that have breathed new life into my laundry room.

  • I touched up the paint on the wall and added a few stencil accents on one of the walls.
  • I organized the cabinets and drawers.
  • I added labels to the bins.

I really tried to take pictures of the accent wall, but I just do not have the skills. I apologize, but these will have to do! There were some scuff marks on the wall that I covered up with leftover paint before I added the stencil.

touch-up paint and add a little stencil decor

I used one of these Royal Design stencils and painted a total of 6 stencil marks on the wall, sporadically placed throughout. In an effort to keep the room light and bright, I used leftover white ceiling paint on the spots.

White on light yellow

While the paint dried, I went to work on the cabinets. Mostly they just needed tidying, but I also found a few items to donate.


Laundry Room Update - tidy up and label the cabinets


Above the paint, I plan to put the rest of my painting supplies that are currently in the garage. It is about time I got like with like!

Laundry Room Update - tidy up and label inside the cabinets

And yes, I have too many rag and swimming towels. I know this. My lame excuse is that I have the room to store them. I actually have empty cabinets all over my house, because I don’t normally fill a space just for the sake of filling it. But what if my whole neighborhood needed to borrow a towel? Just kidding, even typing this is making me very aware that these need to go. See? I’m a work in progress too!

Laundry Room Update - tidy up the cabinets

I know this cabinet isn’t a huge difference, but taking the time to tidy up a cabinet or drawer before it gets really bad, means it is always going to be easier to organize. I’m all for easy.

Laundry Room Update - just a little tidy of the cabinets can make a feel-good difference

Here are my drawers below my washer and dryer. I keep rag towels in one and swimming suit stuff in the other. I was able to find some things to get rid of while I went through the drawers.

Laundry Room Update - tidying up the drawers

Laundry Room Update - tidy up the swim stuff drawer

And when I was going through the photos to write this post, I realized I never came back and organized this drawer after I took the picture. Oh well, I will one of these days when I’ve got a minute to spare. It isn’t so bad.

Laundry Room Update - I forgot to tidy this drawer - oh well

I made my own labels. I used pre-made chalkboard labels and stuck them to card stock paper, then I cut them out. Then, I just punched holes and tied it to the basket. Easy.

Laundry Room Update - Labels can make be cute and useful

Laundry Basket Tags - I applied sticker chalkboard labels to card stock and then cut out the sticker and poked holes for the twine

Now my laundry room is updated, clean, and organized – a happy place to be. The artwork is something I painted a few years ago and the laundry and cleaning schedules are printables you can find on THIS POST.

And in case you were wondering, yes, I did finish before my baby woke up from his nap!!! Hallelujah!! My one-nap-time project was a success! I actually had time to clean up everything from painting and fold some laundry …

Do you enjoy your laundry room?

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21 thoughts on “Brighten & Organize My Laundry Room

    1. It is SW Jersey Cream! I use it in my laundry room, my powder bathroom, and it used to be in one of the bedrooms upstairs, but I’ve since painted that blue. :) I love it everywhere it is used!

  1. Thanks for the idea. We just moved into a house with an actual laundry room. We have plenty of cabinets in there, but I didn’t know what all to put in there (we have no kids). But storing beach towels and towels and sheets we use for the dogs, in the laundry room cabinets, will free up some space in my linen closet. Yay!!! :)

  2. You are motivating me to organize my messy laundry area. But I need to buy some plastic bins or drawers. I love your ideas.

  3. It is lovely ! And I sometimes wonder why we put off spruce up and organizing projects, thinking we need a huge chunk of time. It surprises me how much can get done in a short time. And yes, I love my laundry room…now ! I recently re-painted and organized it. It really makes a difference in my attitude towards keeping up with the laundry.

  4. I totally need more cleaning rags- i have like 2! Wish I lived near u so I could have ur unwanted rags hhhhhhh. What do u usually make cleaning rags out of? I am thinking of asking my hubby to buy a bunch of cotton tshirts at goodwill so I can turn them into rags!

  5. Very nice! Wish I had a few more cabinets in mine.

    How about the labels? Where can I get those and the type of pen used to write with? What are they held in place with?

    1. I can no longer remember where I got the labels, but knowing myself, it was probably Amazon or Target. I think I might have gotten those pens at Hobby Lobby (they may have labels too). I just tied them onto the basket with twine.

  6. I love that you have those little plastic baskets for small items in your drawer. We have a bunch of 3M stick-on wall hooks lying around in our drawers. I think I’ll make a trip to the Dollar Store sometime to pick up a few containers to organize them.

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