Home Management (The Love Home Challenge: Week 5)

Week 5 - Home Management -- of The Love Your Home Challenge

Welcome back to another  week of The Love Home Challenge and the first day of June! I’m already feeling the benefits of my work in the previous weeks. My family is noticing a difference too. My girls are so sweet to give me lots more ideas for projects. I love seeing homemaking talents blossom in them. Homemaking talents are so versatile and will help them no matter what they decide for their future. Homemakers are probably some of the best experts in managing difficult human resource situations, handling seemingly impossible logistical challenges, and masters of project management

This week’s focus is in the management of our homes. This has got to be my very favorite focus of all and probably the most common topic for blog posts. I’ve always taken my job as household manager very seriously, even before kids came along. I can remember when I had my own apartment before I was married. That is the first time I setup a cleaning and laundry schedule for myself, a grocery shopping and menu-making schedule. I had an inbox for mail and papers and a regular schedule of paying bills and responding to mail. I carried those habits into my marriage and it has blessed my family’s life.

I love feeling in control of these regular and somewhat mundane tasks. It has the opposite effect of what you might think. I know some hate the feeling of being tied down by these jobs. But, I’ve felt a sensation of freedom associated. What if you never had to worry about cleaning, laundry, or mail ever again, except at the set aside time and you just did it and moved on? Sounds free-ing, right? It is.

This week, do something that will make your life easier. Manage the papers, create a cleaning or laundry schedule. The possibilities are endless, so choose something that is going to make the biggest impact!

Here are just SOME of my ideas on the topic. If you’ve subscribed over the long-haul, no doubt you’ll remember a lot of these and will continue to see lots more on the subject … I’ve not exhausted my ideas yet!! In fact, later this week, I am going to give you another Home Management Printable. You won’t want to miss. :)

Home Management Project Ideas:

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I’d love to hear what you decide! Until then …

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