Laundry Room (The Love Home Challenge: Week 6)

Week 6 - Laundry Room -- of The Love Your Home Challenge

Welcome to the 6th week of The Love Home Challenge! This week we are focusing on the laundry room … you know, the most exciting room in the house. Right? Hello? Okay, yeah, probably not. As un-fun as this room might be, let’s pick a project this week that might make it a lesser awful place. Ha! Man, I’m really selling you on this.

Let me try that intro again.

There is a room in your house that could use some attention. The Laundry Room! If you have to spend so much of your time going in and out of this room, let’s make it a cheerful and pleasant place. Let’s get it organized and then maybe add a touch of fun. Let’s do it!!!

Now you’re ready.

Really, though, anything fun planned for your laundry room? I want to do something brighten the space a bit. I’m going to surprise you with my project, so stay tuned!!

If organizing your laundry is on your mind, here are some ideas:

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I can’t wait to see what you decide to do! Until then …

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One thought on “Laundry Room (The Love Home Challenge: Week 6)

  1. I may not have a lot to do this week since I completely cleaned out and repainted my laundry room about a month ago. It all started with a leaky washing machine that would cost too much in repairs to fix, so while the old machine was removed I decided to pull out the dryer too and clean the floors and base boards. After that I decided that while everything was pulled out I might as well paint ( it is a laundry closet, so it didn’t even take a day ). I painted it pink, my favorite color ! I absolutely love doing laundry now. I bought some pretty faux white wicker baskets from Target to hold spot cleaner, color catcher sheets, and other miscellaneous laundry and household items. The real blessing of the whole thing is while I was painting I found termites. We had someone come out and they were only there but we had the whole house treated. We live in a warm, moist climate where those little bugs can take over quickly, so we were glad to have found them before they took over. Anyway, I used to dread doing the laundry and even opening the laundry closet door until I spruced it up a bit. So go ahead and make that room your own, especially if you are in charge of the laundry at your house. It really makes a positive difference when facing Mt. Washmore !

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