Office (The Love Home Challenge: Week 8)


Week 8 - Office Area -- of The Love Your Home Challenge

Welcome back to The Love Home Challenge! We are over half way through our homes and hopefully we are already noticing a big difference. Don’t worry if you are just joining now, just jump right in where we are at!

This week we are focusing on our office areas. Some of us might have actual rooms in our homes called “the office”, but I bet there are plenty of us that do not. For years we had our office space in whatever place in the house it could fit, even in our living room, dining room, and master bedroom. Wherever your office is located, let’s improve it a little this week.

A few years ago, it was a huge project of mine to get my husband’s office organized and decorated for his birthday. His love language is service, so this kind of thing was a big deal to him. Of course, I was very pregnant at the time, so he ended up helping a ton that I had not planned. He didn’t mind, though, he still loved it, or at least that is what he told his overly emotional wife. Let’s just go with it.

Check out our Office Tour HERE!

The office is often the place where home management happens, so you might look at this week as a continuation of our Home Management focus in week 5. There is definitely an overlap of ideas, in my opinion. So, this list of ideas looks very similar to the one I shared a few weeks ago. This is really good stuff, though … so pick a new idea from the list and go with it!

If you’d like me to decide for you — do this, setup a self-maintaining filing system: Home Office: Organizing Files! You will thank me forever. Or, you could always do one of these things —

Home Management Project Ideas:

And there was a time this winter when I was stuck inside because of snow and ice, so I organized a few shelves in the office … you can read more about that HERE.

Office Supply Storage

This week I’m going to organize my kids Piano books. Oh yeah, it will be awesome.

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What will you work on this week? Let me know! And until then …

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