Organize Your Move Like A Professional Organizer {FREE Printable}

Organize Your Move Like a Professional Organizer

One of the services I offer my organizing clients is to help them plan and prepare to move. I’m going to show you my trade secrets in how I go through the process to make the move organized and smooth! It is very simple, but it isn’t what you’d think with color-coordinated stickers on moving boxes, though that is definitely part of my moving process too.

An Organized Move starts before you pack a single box, though it is never too late to go through these steps and create an organized home. This is also the same process I use to overhaul and organize an entire house. It is just easier to do before you unpack anything in your new place.

  1. Use floor plans if you have them, or just sketch up your own. I drew a pretend sketch for you below to help illustrate the idea.
    Example floor plan of planning organized approach in advance
  2. Go through the different categories of items you own and assign a place for them to go. Write it directly on the floor plan.
    Example floor plan of planning organized approach in advance
  3. Get as detailed as possible, you will really be happy you did this when you are unpacking and you can hand the “map” to your spouse or any helpers and they can easily help you unpack.
  4. Once you are unpacked, you can go through zone by zone to organize and beautify each area.

This is the storage directory I use to guide me. I always walk through the current home and get a feel for what a person owns. This list is just a starting point. You have the advantage when you’re doing your own home to know your own stuff better than anyone else. Download this PDF for storage type ideas HERE.

Storage Types

Pretty easy, right? This could be the simplest part of your move AND make the rest of the move easier. Or this could make re-organizing your home easier too. You’ve got this!!

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5 thoughts on “Organize Your Move Like A Professional Organizer {FREE Printable}

  1. Thank you! We’re not planning on moving anytime soon but I like the “this could make re-organizing your home easier too” part.

    1. That is a good thing if you have your home already well-organized and the new place is similarly organized. :) Thanks for the comment!

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