Ready for Summer

Ready for summer

Because of snow days, tomorrow is our last day of school this year. This spring was such a whirlwind that I was feeling really nervous about going into summer feeling totally frazzled. I hate feeling un-prepared for something so big like a major shift in seasons and schedules. I knew that if I started summer without a plan, then we’d spend the first few weeks lounging in front of the tv until I got my act together. And it would take me so much longer to get my act together, because summer begins the season of ZERO alone-time for stay-at-home-moms. I transferred my nervous energy into hard work and now I am ready for summer! I have an awesome summer planned!

Here is how I’ve prepared – 

  • Summer Fun Bucket List (see below) – I take the list and plot the big things on the calendar, so I can stay prepared for the next step as we go. Cool, fun activities rarely happen by accident with 4 little kids.
  • Create a loose schedule – I’ve made a flexible schedule of when we will head to the pool, grocery shop, do little excursions, go to the library, fit in a little blogging and Shaklee work, among other things. It is flexible, because I want to be open to to joining friends for fun or changing our minds. But if I don’t have any plan to start, we somehow end up doing nothing, which leads to stir-crazy-frustration.
  • Switching our menu over to be summer-easy and grill-friendly. I even made a little BBQ bucket with condiments ready to go so we can conveniently use it for lots of meals on the patio. Eating outside generates a lot of organically fun family time. We can naturally go from the table to playing in the yard.

    A condiment bucket ready to go

  • And for fun – I got each person in my family a beach towel and flip-flips for our family vacation this year. We might as well start enjoying them at the start of the summer too.

Here is our bucket list. Download it HERE. And yes, it is probably obvious that my kids helped me brainstorm this list.

2014 Summer Fun Bucket List

Now I’m ready for the fun to start! Let summer begin!!

How do you get ready for summer? Any tips to share?

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