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Many of you know that my Shaklee business is my blog’s #1 sponsor. Thank you to all of my readers who have tried some products I’ve recommended. I can not tell you enough what your support means to me!! I love the chance I have to tell people about this stuff! My household uses pretty much all the products, but I have some favorites that I want to share with you.

If you’ve never heard of Shaklee, you should know that we are the #1 Natural Nutrition Company and have been around for almost 60 years. Our cleaners are safe and effective, our supplements are whole foods, and our protein is produced protecting the nutrition of the ingredients and consistently tested to be 100% contaminant free. Did you know that federal guidelines let there be a certain level of contaminants, like lead, in products, but Shaklee has a higher personal standard of zero contaminants. Yep, pretty proud to be associated with this company!

1. The Get Clean Line and Basic G: This has forever simplified the way I clean and I will never need to look outside of these products to clean anything in my home. If you’ve read my blog for a while, you know I talk about this A LOT. Just check out the posts I’ve tagged with the ‘Clean’ category. If you want to get started with these, I recommend getting the big Get Clean Kit and then adding on Scour Off and Basic G. Yes, that is three separate things in your cart when you check out! It will get you an awesome start with our cleaning products!

get clean

2. Incredivites: I try to do my best feeding my children healthy meals and snacks, but I’m definitely not perfect at it. I let Incredivites help fill the nutritional gaps between what my kids get and what they need.

Incredivites help fill the nutritional gap

3. My daily strip & shake. Okay, sorry about that joke, mom, but it makes me giggle a little every morning when I start my day with a Vitalizer strip and a protein smoothee. My favorite flavor is vanilla blended with a banana. I really look forward to it every day! You can get a Lean & Healthy kit, which has enough servings to be your Vitamins and breakfast for an entire month. Yep! That means less grocery shopping! The Vitalizer vitamin strips can be purchased separately here and the protein smoothees can be purchased separately here.

strip and shake

4. Shaklee 180 White Chocolate Cinnamon Meal-in-a-Bar: I can’t keep these babies stocked! They are my kids #1 snack choice and I can’t think of a better “breakfast or lunch on the go” for them than these meal bars.  I like them too! I bring them with me as lunch when we go to the zoo or theme park for the day. Much less expensive and way more healthy than fast food. These are a raw, whole food, and not packed with weird artificial stuff you’d find in a diet bar. This is not a diet bar, this is a protein meal bar! Of course, if you wanted to switch some unhealthy lunches for these, chances are you might slim a bit. Hehe.

wcc meal bar

5. My favorite Shaklee product is the business opportunity. I love sharing these helpful products with people, I love working with people who are positive and driven, and I love earning some money while I do it. My team is seriously the best!! You can sign up right here (choose one of the Gold PAKS, they are the best option) or email me and we can talk about it. I have an awesome local team, but I also have teams building all over. Summer is a great time to get started! Here is a picture of me and the CEO Roger Barnett at Shaklee’s New Director’s conference —

Mary and CEO

Make sure to become a member when you order. There are some fun perks going on!!

Okay … so those are some of my favorites. I was almost going to tell you about the deodorant and how much I love it and then mention that I heard Matthew McConaughey doesn’t wear deodorant and how I think he should wear ours, but then I decided not to.

Until next time … be good to yourself!

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