Tour My Craft Room

Tour My Craft Room

Can I tell you a secret? I collect spoons. Yep, sure do. Random, right?

And sometimes I get really really tired. Tonight is one of those nights. It is summer. All my kid-lets are home. I co-hosted a baby shower for my friend tonight, so there have been some fun extra things to do the last few days. My 6-year-old declared last night that she would like to re-arrange her entire room and pulled a trunk-load of stuff out of her room, including furniture and told me she wanted to donate it to “kids who don’t have parents or money” … so I’ve been involved in that. I’m just tired. But, I really want to show you my craft room, because I’ve worked hard on getting it organized this week!! It is already after midnight, so I’ll just be short on words and I’m not even going to edit any of these pictures. I’m also going to put way more pictures than normal, because I just don’t have any brain-power left to make tough picture-cutting decisions.

There isn’t anything super special about this room, except it is a comfortable place for me and my girls to hang out and do crafts together. Also, it makes a nice room when we have visitors. Enjoy …

Tour My Craft Room 1 Tour My Craft Room 2 Tour My Craft Room 3 Tour My Craft Room 4 Tour My Craft Room 5 Tour My Craft Room 6 Tour My Craft Room 7 Tour My Craft Room 8 Tour My Craft Room 9 Tour My Craft Room 10 Tour My Craft Room 11 Tour My Craft Room 12 Tour My Craft Room 13 Tour My Craft Room 14 Tour My Craft Room 15 Tour My Craft Room 16 Tour My Craft Room 17 Tour My Craft Room 18 Tour My Craft Room 19 Tour My Craft Room 20 Tour My Craft Room 21 Tour My Craft Room 22 Tour My Craft Room 23 Tour My Craft Room 24 Tour My Craft Room 25 Tour My Craft Room 26 Tour My Craft Room 27 Tour My Craft Room 28 Tour My Craft Room 29 Tour My Craft Room 30 Tour My Craft Room 31 Tour My Craft Room 32 Tour My Craft Room 33 Tour My Craft Room 34

Here are the quote pictures if you want to use them —

creativity_alberteintstein Creativity_MayaAngelou

I put a few things up on the walls and got a whole bunch of junk out. It feels so good! Now I’m ready to get crafty with my girls in here this summer. After some sleep.

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26 thoughts on “Tour My Craft Room

    1. Thanks, Sharon! I would live to give more details. I read the post this morning and thought of so much I would have liked to say. I was just so tired last night!

  1. It looks so great. I love the baskets on their sides for storing fabric openly. They only thing uncool are the wires hanging around. I bet you can find a better solution for those! But nice room!

  2. Loved the post. One question where did you get the white table wit the metal legs? I’ve been looking for a long folding table like that.

  3. omg-when I first looked at your room I thought you did’nt have much stuff-then you showed me the closet -AWESOME-and love that you have.mismatched photo boxes w/labels and the pic frames with craft sayings-hv similar frames,but was afraid to fo for fear of messing up!-thanx for sharing!!

    1. Oh good! Glad I could help! I like using the closet so the room is peaceful feeling, especially for when guests are in town. But also because I like to create in a peaceful environment.

  4. Beautiful room, especially the quilt. I love your closet. It’s very inspirational. But do I count four sewing machines? I have been feeling guilty because I have three. If I can organize my craft room as nicely as yours, I think I could keep all three and lose the guilt ;-)

    1. I have 3 sewing machines, but there 4 of us here that use them. It seems like a lot, but we still don’t have enough to all sew at the same time. :)

  5. Love your craft closet!! Very organized. I too like to use boxes and storage bins rather than just put things on shelves. Keeps them clean and better organized that way and looks nicer that way!! Wow, 4 sewers!!! That is great!!! You must be teaching your daughters great skills!!

    1. I’ve already changed the craft closet since this post! :) We moved my girls rooms around and created a “clubhouse” in one room for them and now they keep their sewing machine in there. I miss sewing since my foot has been broken!

  6. Some great ideas, here! I, too, have multiple sewing machines: my mil’s Singer, and my mom’s Bernina. I’m the only one who sews, so it’s kind overkill. ;)
    I noticed you have sliding closet doors–how do you manage the things hiding in the recesses, out of reach?
    I’ve been using the boxes you buy flat, in a bundle for cheap, and constructing them for storage. I think they’re called “bank boxes” or something. Not pretty! But they do the job. I need to be a copy-cat, here, though, and get more organized than I already am! Thanks for sharing so much! <3 K

    1. Oh, also, I meant to ask: I have the cutest little antique sewing “wardrobe” (for lack of a proper word!) about 18″ x 24″. It opens like a Life Savers Gift Book, and has teensy legs to stand on the floor and even a wooden handle to carry it around. My problem is the dowels or pegs for spools (I collect!) are too large for modern spools, or something. Some fit and some do not.
      Any suggestions?

    2. As for the things in the recesses of the closet, I try to limit or put things that I only use occasionally, because they can be a pain to pull out!

      Bank boxes certainly work. I’ve seen crafters cover those in fabric and they turn into adorable storage bins. Sounds like you may have some spare fabric around if you have multiple sewing machines – just a guess! :)

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