Car Emergency Kit

Car Emergency Kit - Compact and Ready

We are having a great time checking things off of our summer bucket list! I wanted to show you something I created to make packing up for our little trips super easy. It lets me just focus on the unique things I need for our activity that day and not have to think through all the things that COULD HAPPEN and prepare for a million possibilities.  This has really simplified my prep time for each adventure!

It is just a little bag I put together to handle the little crisis’ that could pop up at any time when you are carting around 4 kids. I wanted it to be compact, so it won’t get in the way just staying in the back of my car.

Here is what I decided to pack inside:

Car Emergency Kit

  • Changes of clothes for every kid, individually packed in a plastic bag.
  • Socks
  • Diapers and Wipes
  • Sunscreen
  • Bandaids, Alcohol Swabs, and Ointment
  • Water
  • Snacks (Non-perishable Crackers and Protein Bars)
  • Towel
  • Paper towel
  • Scissors

Car Emergency Kit

Then I showed my husband and he suggested the scissors, so I added those after I had shoved all that stuff inside.

Scissors and paper towel

I stuffed it in a bag that I wasn’t using for anything else. The kit is small and compact, but gives me a lot of peace of mind.


I highly recommend creating a car emergency kit for yourself! What would you put in yours?

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30 thoughts on “Car Emergency Kit

  1. I’d add In a few plastic grocery bags. Never know what wet, soiled, or soppy items you may need to round up and contain. I have a few doggie bag rolls that were inexpensive and extremely compact that serve the same purpose.

  2. After being at a swim meet last night with a kid with an ear ache, I would add some kids pain reliever. The chewable kind will be ok stored in a car I think.

  3. I have always done this, add a towel or small blanket too! just never know. The bag stays in my car flash light, jumper cables, newspaper and a wire hanger too. Im always digging in my bag to help someone else. My children are much older with cars of there own now. But why young mothers children mess up there clothes and they don’t have extra? I don’t understand??? It can happen to an adult.

  4. I have a compactable portable potty (and bags). Thankfully have only had to use it once on a road trip in the middle of nowhere with a toddler :)

  5. Love this idea! I have two teens, so I don’t think I would pack change of clothes for them but maybe for myself….lol! What would you use the scissors for?

    1. Matt watched something on the news where a child got tangled in the seatbelt and was choking. He suggested we keep scissors in the car for weird emergencies. Random, right?

      1. Even better, add a box cutter. You are more likely to cut a seatbelt much faster with a box cutter than scissors and it can double for a screwdriver on one end!

  6. I really enjoy your valuable information. I believe your needs differ depending on your age group. My husband and I are retired. I have assorted bandages, water, ace bandage, scissors., wet wipes, paper towels, small quantity of our daily meds, change of clothes, & flash light w/working batteries. You can always think of something else to add to the pack. LOL

  7. Great advice! I keep a similar kit in my car. My only suggestion is to store it in something that isn’t so “purse-like” if it will be in view. I wouldn’t want you to tempt anyone to break into your car.

  8. I just love your posts! Thank you for sharing! We live in Florida, aka “bugland” so we keep insect repellant in our car kit, too!

  9. We have an “everybody got wet” bag. With boys ages 2 and 3 last summer, this managed to happen a lot. The huge baggie had three ancient towels (don’t worry about the mud staining), underwear/diapers, t-shirts that could fit either, and grocery sacks to hold the wet icky. This would allow us to get straight home in comfort. We keep a blanket in the trunk too if pantless got too cold. Several times, it made the longish drive back home a relief with sleeping semi-clean boys in the back seat.

    1. Ha! An “everybody got wet” bag sounds very appropriate for littles during the summer. I’m sure it will save you a few times yet this summer. :)

  10. Your kit looks great! I live in Alaska, so I change a few things out according to season. In the winter I have knit hats & gloves for every family member. We don’t wear hats & gloves on a daily basis just running errands & such (even when it’s 20 below zero) so it’s great to have them there for emergencies. I also keep a small foldable shovel & a tow strap in my winter kit. For summertime I just change out the hats & gloves for light jackets, sunscreen, & bug spray for hikes.

  11. My Kit has most of these items plus… Tweezers, dental floss, rubberbands, safety pins, can opener, nail clippers, Tums, anti-diarrheal, epicac syrup, anti-itch topical… Travel sized baby wash and bug spray. Then add an umbrella..

  12. We’ve had an emergency kit in our car since the summer of 2008. We were driving through the mountains to our holiday destination with a 2yo and a 6mo and quickly went from A/C on full blast to heating on full blast as we encountered snow on the ground outside and a traffic jam for the tunnel. My girls were dressed in t-shirts and I suddenly felt SO unprepared.
    Our kit has: water, snacks, waterproofs, extra layers, change of clothes, first aid kit, travel potty, wipes, scissors, hand gel, duct tape (used more than you know!), a giant towel, bungees, bin bags, box of fun (small pencils, activity books, plasticine, party favours, small book, dice – to entertain children in unexpected delays, restaurants etc.)
    It’s great to get more ideas and know I’m not the only one who feels more prepared with their kit onboard!

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