Entries & Exits (The Love Home Challenge: Week 13)

Week 13 - Entries and Exits -- of The Love Your Home Challenge

Welcome to the final week of The Love Home Challenge! You’re almost done! One more project! You’ve got this!

I wanted to save an easy focus for our last week: entries and exits. These are the places you come in and leave from. Do you want to organize your shoes or the landing place for papers and junk? Do you want to make your entrances and exits look more welcoming?

I’m going to make a piece of art for my foyer. As of yet, my foyer has not a single bit of decoration or flavor. I’ve lived here 3 years. That terrible reign of dull-ness is coming to a swift end! I can’t wait to show you what I’ve been working on!

The bigger project I have for my mud area will have to wait until the fall. It involves painting and I decided I can’t live with the fumes and I don’t want to waste all the air conditioning with the door wide open for a week. It will be fun to do in the fall, though!

What will you do to your entries & exits? Let me know!

Be sure to check back next week, when I’ll wrap up the challenge and have an exciting giveaway. You’ve worked hard and deserve a treat!

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