Garage (The Love Home Challenge: Week 12)

Week 12 - Garage -- of The Love Your Home Challenge

Welcome to week #12 of The Love Home Challenge! This week’s focus is the garage, which is exciting to me. I love getting my garage in shape. I spruce it up about 3 times a year: spring, summer, and fall. Every time I work on it, it gets a little better than before. I always approach organizing my garage with a specific problem in mind to solve. I tidy everything up and work on that one solution. Over time this creates a pretty awesome garage without all the stress of overnight perfection.

My solutions this week will focus on tidying up bicycle storage and sorting the shelves a little better. There are some toys in the garage that really should be in the backyard where we use them, and since I organized the back patio storage, I’m ready to move them there.

Last summer, I showed you my garage with tons of pictures of how I set it up. Check that out: Garage Organization for Real Families.

Garage Organization For Real Families

If you need some extra help figuring out your garage, I will suggest that you Diagnose the Clutter in your garage. Getting to the root of the problem will help you solve it.

20120501 (81)_title

Also, I really suggest setting up a donation station! Make it easy to remember to donate and get credit on next year’s taxes!

How To Setup A Donation Station


Hopefully those give you lots of ideas for a project this week. What will you work on? Fill me in! I’d love to know!

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6 thoughts on “Garage (The Love Home Challenge: Week 12)

  1. I just love your garage. So neat and tidy. What did you use on your floor? I have to do this. Also, where do you put your recycle bins? are they in the garage as well?

    1. I forgot to say that our recycle bin is the one in the garage and the trash one is on the side of the house behind the fence. It smells too bad to be in the garage. :)

  2. Hey Mary. I have another question not related to garage storage. I have alot of old comforters and blankets that I don;t want anymore. I don’t want to just put them in the regular trash. Where should I dispose of them?

    1. I would suggest donating these, along with worn out towels, to animal shelters. Many animal shelters do not have soft places for the animals to rest.

  3. Thanks so much Mary, about your garage floor, and also where to donate my blankets. Great suggestion! I will look into both for sure.

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