My Back Patio Update: Organize & Decorate

My Back Patio Update - Lots of simple little updates that add up

Earlier this week I showed you my simple Front Porch Update. I like simple updates. When you make several simple updates at once, it somehow creates a whole new feel. While working on updating our back patio, I wrote a list of simple independent updates I could do one at a time, because finding a big block of time isn’t always feasible. Here is what I set out to do during this back patio update –

  • Clean and organize the big storage bench.
  • Replace old table.
  • Find an outdoor rug to make the space more cozy.
  • Create a table centerpiece.
  • Power wash the old chairs and stack/store for occasional use with guests.
  • Find a cover for the fire pit.
  • Clean up the grill a bit.
  • Double check the back patio and back yard for toddler safety and fun.

None of these things were a huge deal. Organizing the storage bench involved measuring and shopping for inner-bins, and there was some shopping involved in some of the other steps too, but I did each thing one step at a time. When I broke it down into separate jobs and just focused on one at a time, it was never overwhelming. It was actually fun to get to plan, shop, and create. This is how I suggest doing any household project!! You might as well enjoy keeping up your home. It doesn’t have to be a dreadful thing! The great thing about this project is my kids loved playing in the backyard while I worked. Win-win.

Here is what the back patio looked like BEFORE! —

There was a yellow film of pollen covering everything when I went to work out here!

The porch just needed some tender loving care

The grill is filthy! And look at those chairs – they are never nice and neat around the table. They are dragged everywhere!

Everything had a layer of yellow pollen and was dirty and disorganized

That is our fire pit on top of the storage bench. Our toddler loves to stick his hand in and touch the black ash. You can see where the planter that I moved to my front porch has been stored uncovered for a few years. I tried growing basil in it last year but then I forgot to water the basil.

Another view - we had to keep the fire pit up where baby could not reach

Random stuff has just accumulated since last summer. This porch needed some definite love!

The chairs always ended up scattered around the entire back porch


We had dinner on the patio the first night the table was up. I love the picnic table style and how there are always seats where you need them! Cougar’s high chair is just the perfect height too.

Enjoying the new table right away

I wanted a colorful centerpiece and I decided to get sentimental with it. I found an inexpensive one in a rectangle shape I liked. I taped off the edges because I only wanted to paint a strip around the middle.

Prepping the flower pot for painting

Shelly wanted to help with this. She is always willing to help.

Working on our outdoor table centerpiece

I had all the kids add their hand prints too. I just used cheap acrylic paint and then sprayed clear matte spray paint over the design to seal it. Easy easy.

Easy Outdoor Table Centerpiece


Here is what it looks like now! —

Only simple updates, but a far cry from the before picture. The outdoor carpet was a touch I added to make the space more cozy and inviting. It totally works.

Feels so much better!

I let my girls pick the colors. I think I’m going to try to bring this little lady inside in the winter and keep her alive. We’ll see how that works.

Our outdoor table centerpiece

This out-take picture made me so happy. How lucky I am to have a job where I get to do work with this happening around me: all my kids happily playing. Life is so good!

I really enjoyed the background in this shot

The storage bin is much better. I forgot to take a Before picture, but you can just imagine a whole bunch of random junk thrown into a box. I measured the box dimensions then went and found an assortment of inner-bins that would make the most efficient use of the space.

Gutted this baby and put in bins to help divide the space

On the right I have the outdoor toys and games.

The outdoor toy bucket

Far left is all the yard stuff and the middle bin has just balls.

Balls in the middle and yard stuff on the left

Little guy figured out quickly where he could find exciting things.

He learned pretty quickly where the fun was

I ask my kids to play with bubbles on the uncovered porch so the rain can clean up the residue.

These two

They noticed I am holding a camera.

They noticed I was taking pictures

I joined their bubble play after I finished these pictures. We are still in that magical-phase where everyone is impressed with how many bubbles I can produce. The toddler had 2 baths in one afternoon. It was a good day!

The back patio is officially kid-tested and approved

The grill is ready to go. Dinner outside is just my favorite.

Did a quick cleanup of the grill with Basic H

The chairs are stacked out of the way and we just pull them out when friends come.

Now the chairs stay stacked here unless friends join us

This sand toy is phenomenal. I’m not even sure it was meant to be a sand toy or just a water toy, but I thought it fit sand really well. Even my older girls can get carried away playing with this (with their baby brother).

A fun sand-play station

For our family, any space we want to hang out in has to be toddler-friendly. Our porch went from dirty and disorganized, to clean, organized, and cozy. Everyone enjoys it out here.

For our family - the outdoor space has to be toddler-friendly

And all the work is very worth it for these four.

Important things happen back here

I hope you enjoyed my little patio update! What did you think? Do you spend much time outside as a family? Do you eat outside?

Here is to many happy summer days!

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  1. I really like the new picnic table. I too get frustrated with chairs everywhere. Very nice that they are stacked, cleaned and waiting for company. Cute flower box too

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