My Front Porch Update

My Front Porch Update  Mary Organizes After the landscape was finished (see about that HERE), the old porch furniture just seemed to be out of place. I mean, kind of faded and sad. I didn’t have a big budget for this, only $100. The flowers pushed me a little over, but I got pretty close to my budget goal. BEFORE - Front Porch Update When I found this wicker chair for less than that, I was thrilled! I found the pillows earlier in the spring and was saving them for the porch. I’ve had the planters for 3 years now. They used to be identical, but one was kept covered and one was not. Any guesses which is which? Ha! Oh well, no need to be too matchy, matchy. It all seemed to fall into place!!! My Front Porch Update - hydrangeas and a wicker bench I was on the hunt for beautiful flowers that would work in planters under a covered porch. I decided to give hydrangeas a try after reading about them. It may seem like a surprising choice, but I found out that these plants like compact soil and can thrive in a pot! They are the perfect addition to my porch and look beautiful. Front Porch Update - My hydrangeas The updated porch looks so much better from the curb. AFTER - My Front Porch Update We power-washed the porch when we got everything set up. I’m glad we did, but am I the only one who thinks it actually looks dirtier after you power wash since it seems to emphasize all the stains and imperfections of the concrete. Oh well, at least it is clean! My Front Porch Update - sometimes the cement looks dirtier after power-washing The door area could use a little life and color, but I’m still happy with the rug I’ve had there for a long time. It is the same exact rug in the foyer entrance too. I have plans of updating the little bench later this summer. One project at a time! My Front Porch Update - Not quite done I’m in love with my little porch oasis. Simple, inexpensive, but a big difference! My Front Porch Update - my little oasis
Are you busy making any updates to your outdoor spaces?

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10 thoughts on “My Front Porch Update

    1. Yeah, I’ve thought of that. I really love that green color though. So beautiful. It isn’t high up on my projects list, but I probably will at some point.

  1. I think the new porch furniture compliments the look of the front of the house. Much like a magazine photo. But its too perfect to be comfortably used. To me it needs a table. We love to sit on our front porch and people who come over love my porch. It isn’t beautiful. But I have two comfortable blue cushioned chairs with a nice sized table between them and a stack of other chairs in the corner in case someone stops by. We have our morning coffee out there or just sit in the evening with an iced drink. If friends smoke we have an ash tray on the table for them. We also have matching foot stools. If reading a book the table is nice to place it down on, or if we take a lunch or snack break. We use our front porch. Yours looks beautiful but almost too pretty to sit on or to be comfortable on. Not practical, no where to set a drink or lay down a book. I venture to guess the porch furniture is for show and not to be used. I know you probably do all that on the deck, we have a deck too. But we like our front porch better. It is more inviting to neighbors or guest to pop over for a visit to our porch. They can’t see us when we are out back.

    1. Your porch sounds lovely and a special place for your family.

      I love my front porch. It makes me so happy. I’m more likely to use my homes beautiful spaces, because it feels comforting to me. The wicker chair is super comfortable and my husband can put his arm around me while we sit out there. I like that.

  2. i think it would look lovely since you have a nice wide porch to add two matching chairs at an angle. Would you be able to tell me what colour the shutters are . Thanks.

  3. Everything is lovely, Mary. I began my outdoor project today which will be major weed pulling and bush pruning. I still have patriotic decor up from Flag Day, so I am good until after the 4th. So far, 1 1/2 trash bags of debris out of my flower beds !

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