Party Planning [Printable] Set

FREE Party Planning Printable Set

Four kids = lots of birthday parties. Lots of friends having babies = lots of baby showers. As I’ve thrown these parties over the years, I’ve found myself making the same lists over again and almost forgetting all the same details.

So what’s a girl to do? Create a printable for myself, of course. And I want to share with you! This is all I need to feel organized for an upcoming party!

HERE is the Party Planning Printable Set to download. Want a better view?

Party Planning Printable Set - page 1

The guest list also doubles as a thank you list after a birthday party. Just write down next to each name the gift they brought right after the party so you’ll remember during the thank you writing.

Party Planning Printable Set - page 2

I like to cut mine in half and put it in my discbound planner. Keeps all my planning papers together.

Party Planning Printable Set - how I use them

I’ll be showing you the Glitter and Gum Ball party in a few months. I’ve got lots of other fun things to show you first! In the meantime, download this printable and have it handy for your next party! Oh, and go read my tips for frosting with a recipe … HERE.

Until then –

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