Quilted Sunrise

Quilted Sunrise

I love sunrises. I’m not a morning person (yet) at all and very rarely see the real thing, so I love finding things that remind me of sunrises. I especially love the sun rising behind hills and mountains. It is the inspiration for the color palette of my entire home. And it is why I don’t stick to a specific green, yellow, or blue hue. Nature doesn’t, so why should I?

I decided to make a quilted sunrise with some leftover fabric scraps. I love how my girls hang out with me while I sew and craft. I was sitting on the bed with my other girl cutting out way more squares than I actually used. All the girls are working on making outfits for their stuffed animals. It is adorable.

Quilted Sunrise - Sewing with the girls

After I cut all the squares, I played around with arranging them. Then I just sewed it all together, ironed it, and put it in the frame. It was actually pretty easy.

Quilted Sunrises - piecing it together

I put it up in my foyer, because that spot had been blank for the almost three years that I’ve lived here.

Quilted Sunrise - Hung in my foyer

I’m happy to have that spot filled with something that makes me smile every time I see it. Blues, greens, and yellows. Sunrises. Sewing. Happy happy things.

What inspires the way you decorate your home?

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