Bar Stool Redo

My bar stools have bothered me for a while, not because I don’t like the style. I actually looked long and hard for super tall bar stools that had “window framing” in the back. What has bothered me is the shiny dark finish and the microfiber cushions. You can see how they looked in my kitchen tour post.

These chairs are used multiple times a day by my kids. They eat breakfast in them every single day. The shiny dark finish showed every single crumb and fingerprint. And the microfiber showed every drop of liquid. They were such a pain to clean, because even when I wiped them down, they didn’t look clean!

It was time for a complete renovation of the chairs and I attacked them this weekend.

I mean, look at that disgusting microfiber! Ewww!!!!

I will not put microfiber near any kitchen ever again

We popped off the seat cushions and I started painting the chair skeletons. I used Flow Blue milk paint from Miss Mustard Seed. I mixed the milk paint powder with water and started painting. I actually had my kids help me, because this project was not about perfectionism. Even the baby got on board with a paintbrush.

The kids helped paint the chairs

After the coat of blue milk paint

The paint crackled off the chairs because of the shiny finish underneath (that I did nothing to prep). I learned about the crackle effect at a painting class from Miss Mustard seed herself at SNAP Conference this past spring. I loved the chipped paint look! It totally goes with my intent of making these chairs camouflage fingerprints and crumbs! Then I rubbed the chips off the chairs and gave them about 4 coats of flat clear spray paint to make it wipe-able, because messes will happen and I want to clean them up without ruining the chairs.

I love the chipped crackle effect

I found some oil cloth at Hobby Lobby. I only needed 1/2 yard for the three chairs and I had a coupon, so I think I only spent $11. Not bad! Matt helped me pull the oil cloth around the cushion and staple the bottom. It was pretty easy!

The new pretty and wipe-able cover

I love how they turned out!!

My bar stools got a facelift

The newly finished bar stools find their home

The new look

Take that annoying bar stools!! Isn’t it amazing what a little paint and a fabric change can do?

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18 thoughts on “Bar Stool Redo

  1. Yes, how wonderful. I have very similar dining chairs. They show everything. I might need to make some time for this too.

    1. Furniture in the kitchen should not show everything! Right?! The seats of my table chairs are also shiny and dark, so they even show the washcloth streak after I wipe them. At least they slide under the table and are hidden!

  2. I didn’t know that Hobby Lobby sold oil cloth…really like your pattern…
    I didn’t know that Hobby Lobby sold oil cloth…I like your pattern

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