Elmer’s Freestyle = Awesome

Elmer’s just announced an awesome new product. I got a large box of all the new Elmer’s Freestyle organizing products to sample early this summer. I’ve been using them all over the place. Check out the labels on the bins in the closet closet under the stairs (the white board looking ones … yep, Elmer’s)!! Okay, I’m going to stop talking, because the video Elmer’s made really says it best. (And when you see the swim towels on hooks, that’s me talking! That is my laundry room door!) There are 2 videos. Watch them both! They did not ask me to tell you about these videos, but of course I want you to see them!!!!

And yes, it was extra fun buying my Elmer’s glue during back to school this year since this video came out. Ha!

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4 thoughts on “Elmer’s Freestyle = Awesome

  1. You are a super star ! Will the commercial be on TV ? Are you the voice that talks about the swim towels ? What a fun thing to have happen !

    1. Yep, that is my voice!!! It was so fun! I actually found out while I was on my way to my conference a few weeks ago. It was a great start to that trip! :)

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