Emotional Intelligence for Kids {What you’ve been waiting to hear}

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I first learned about emotional intelligence when my husband came home from work talking about it a few years ago. They had pulled him and his peers into a conference with an expert on emotional intelligence in the workplace. I was fascinated. And all that he learned (and then taught me) gave me vocabulary to describe behaviors (or lack of behaviors) I was seeing from my children. Emotional Intelligence is all about being able to understand/monitor your own emotions, be able to clue in to the emotions of other people, and able to change your behaviors using all that the emotional information.

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is kind of a a big deal. And learning how to be more emotionally intelligent is really as important as learning math and reading, but many of us, myself included, don’t understand how to teach our children about it. 

When I first heard about the Q’s Race to the Top Game that was developed to teach EQ, I thought “finally!” Sofia Dickens, a former educational TV host, wanted to develop a fun, easy, and accessible way for children to learn EQ, so that it isn’t just taught in fancy classes like my husbands! And I’m all about it. Please go learn more about the kickstarter campaign to get this game launched HERE.

I was so anxious to get our hands on that game that since it arrived while we were on vacation, we played it the day we got home as a reward to the kids for helping unpack. The kids started fighting over which color piece they could be and it was like a sign dropping from the sky was saying: “we need this game”! After we worked out the color issue, we started playing the game. Luckily, the directions are so simple it was really quick to get started.

I left the book by the game box and Isabelle naturally picked it up and started reading it while we gathered. This picture is not posed! The book is a precious story about the precocious and hilarious Q (the monkey).

Izzy really enjoyed the book

The game is all about getting the monkey Q to the top. You role a dice and then pick the color card of the square you land on. There are three different colored cards. The blue ones ask self-reflective questions, the green ones asks questions about helping Q in different situations, and the red ones are activities that get everyone laughing and loosened up.

Qs race to the top and Qs Wild Ride

One of the things the game works on is listening to each other

Qs Race to the Top

Michelles turn to read the card

They did a fun hand moving activity

The little monkeys are so cute

We loved the activity cards

yep pretty much

The blue card asks an emotional question The Green cards had a scenario to help Q The red question had the kids to a physical activity

Seriously a fun game

Cougar is a little too young to play, but he really enjoyed watching the rest of us act crazy and have fun. He was pretty sure he nailed the “wheelbarrow” move.

attempting the human wheelbarrow

The book was so fun my older girls read it again before bed. Again, this picture was not posed, I just caught them reading it like this! Such a cute book!

Qs Wild Ride book The girls found the book and kept on reading it

When I took my daughter out for some alone time together last week, I brought the blue set of cards along. I told her I’d like to just do a couple, because I didn’t know if she’d like reading the cards while we ate dinner. But, the conversations generated were so awesome she kept asking me to grab more cards from my purse!

I want my kids to succeed in life, which requires emotional and social skills, probably even more than it requires memorizing a bunch of facts! It makes sense to spend time working on those skills too. What better way than with a game, so the kids want to learn about it?!

I’ve already told all my friends they need to buy this game, so now I’m telling you too!

Go HERE to learn about this Kickstarter campaign and how to make sure you can get your hands on this game!

Sounds good, right?! Did you pledge in the kickstarter?

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14 thoughts on “Emotional Intelligence for Kids {What you’ve been waiting to hear}

  1. I was interested in purchasing 2 of these games for my grandchildren (different households), but they don’t tell you up front what the cost is (in addition to the donation). I don’t want to give my personal information (email, etc.) before knowing the price of the game.

    1. I have been so impressed with this company. My guess is that it would be reasonable and definitely worth it! I don’t think they’ll do anything crazy with your personal information. They are a trustworthy organization. That’s just my 2 cents. :)

    2. Hey Pauline,

      Thanks for your interest in Q’s Race to the Top! My name is Lee Andrews I am part of the EQtainment team running the campaign. I just wanted to reach out to you and let you know that the price you see on the Kickstarter page is the price for the game! We aren’t taking donations. For your contribution of $70 you can get the Best Buddies Value Pack that comes with two copies of the game and two storybooks! If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us on our Kickstarter page or email us directly at info@eqtainment.com.

      All the best,
      Lee Andrews

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