Mary’s Kitchen Table Chat Ep011

I guess I’ve let my guard down on these videos, because I didn’t even check my hair or makeup and it was the end of a long day. Oh well, now you know what visiting me at 10 pm would really look like.

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11 thoughts on “Mary’s Kitchen Table Chat Ep011

  1. So glad to hear you had a good time on your vacation ! And I love what you did with the sand and shells you brought home. I am behind with a few of the kitchen chats and need to get caught up. Once school starts I will be able to get into more of a routine. And this de-clutter challenge is very much needed in my home! Has it already begun ? Thanks for helping us to keep our homes we and our families want to be the most !

    1. The challenge will start next Monday, so the post about it will go up Sunday evening. I was joking with my friends the other day about how we all felt completely opposite of how we felt in May. In May, we were ready for summer and the end of deadlines and routines. Now, we are all so excited to get back into the swing of things. I guess that is what summer is all about, taking a break, so that we can have a renewed desire to do all that we need to do!

  2. I am so excited to follow this Decluttering challenge. I don’t have facebook to join the group, is there another way to keep up with the challenge?

    Janelle from Jem’s Eclectic Home

    1. All the info will be on the blog, the Facebook group is for support to keep people going through the week. If you have support around you, you could be fine with just the assignments on the blog. Good luck and thanks for joining!

  3. Oh Mary, I think you are so awesome. I just love your kitchen table chats (I just found out that is actually kinda hard to say fast. Or at least it was just now when I was trying to say what I was watching). I know you said this was at the end of a long day and you do look happy but you also look to me for some reason like you needed a hug. Maybe every mom looks like they need a hug at 10 oclock at night so who knows. :) If only your kitchen table chat talked back to you. So here I am talking back to you and saying that if I were there I’d give you a big hug. :) Good luck with your week. I hope it goes well. xxLarisa

    1. You are so sweet! I think I did need a hug that night! I was feeling the pressure of so much to do and so little time. Good news is everything worked out and my trip has been a success and I’m ready for my twins’ birthday and the first day of school. Whew. :)

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