Shaklee Stuff You Need This School Year!!!

School starts here next Monday. NEXT MONDAY!!!

It is a very special first day of school since it is also my twins’ birthday. Poor things always have their birthday the first week of school.  I think we’re actually ready. Imagine that! Since I’m traveling the rest of this week, I needed to be ready.

School supplies – ✔️

First day outfits washed and ready – ✔️
(I actually made their outfits myself, so yeah. I kind of want a medal or something for that. Check Instagram to see pics on the first day @maryorganizes.)

Lunch boxes washed with the menu ready to pack – ✔️

Meet the teacher gifts – ✔️

School shoe shopping (my least favorite thing of all) – ✔️

End of summer fun – ✔️

All the extra nutrition my kids need to have a healthy school year – ✔️

Incredivites fill the nutritional gap with awesome

You only need an occasional deviation from good health to remind you how much value there is in feeling good! Last weekend I was tidying up a few shelves in my garage and a gust of dust and debris landed right in my face. I’m allergic to dust, so of course, my eye instantly ballooned up … and then I was down for the count for about 24 hours. Being sick is just not fun and it is even harder to see your kids sick and miserable. I think getting sick every once in a while is just a part of life, but I don’t mind doing something easy to prevent what I can!!

My focus for prevention with my kids is really just a focus on building health. We don’t do a ton of germ-x around here, because there is a sink with soap readily available for hand washing. But we do vitamins, really good vitamins. That seems to help my kids fill in some of the nutritional gap between what they eat and all the nutrients their body needs. And then we don’t spend as much of our time at the doctor’s office instead of all the things we’d rather be doing.

Incredivites are awesome

I think you should give our Shaklee vitamins a try. They are guaranteed and we love them!

Order Incredivites HERE.
Add Chewable Vitamin C to your cart HERE.
Add Mighty Smarts to your cart HERE.
Add Optiflora Probiotics to your cart HERE (a healthy gut is a healthy person, right?).

Order a huge bottle of Handwash refill HERE.

I’m headed to Shaklee’s Global Convention. I am so excited to be with my Shaklee family. So many people I adore all in one place!

And then when I get back, excitement will be waiting for me at home: school, birthdays, the 91 Day De-Clutter Event, and more. Life is good!

Are you ready for school?

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2 thoughts on “Shaklee Stuff You Need This School Year!!!

  1. As with almost every single mulitvitamin for kids that I have found, the first ingredient in these vitamins is sorbitol. My daughter has a sensitivity to sorbitol, xylitol, manitol and inatol. :(

    1. Would your daughter swallow a pill? My kids are getting good at swallowing. I have them take a few non-chewables. If so, you could potentially give her Vitalea instead. Maybe even just half a pill depending on her age. The “ol’s” are just in there for taste since it is chewable. They aren’t in the swallow variety.

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