Command Center & The School Lunch Menu Printable

My Kitchen Command Center and School Lunch Menu Printable

I’ve showed you my kitchen before (where you can see how this fits into the kitchen), but I’ve never given the details about my Command Center Magnet Board. It has changed over the years and improved in my opinion. How about a little glimpse? Okay, let’s do this! Did you hear the commanding tone? Yeah, totally intentional.

Technically speaking, the board is a magnet board and that is how I originally used it, but then the magnets would slide around and it always felt messy. That’s when I just decided to hot glue some clips onto it. I like the clips much better! That would have made this whole thing much easier to put together from the beginning because that metal was difficult to cut the size of this frame! I could have just wrapped the glass in fabric and hot glued the clips right onto that. Live and learn, I suppose.

The Command Center

At the top left of the command center I have our weekly menu. This is the menu list that is attached to my grocery shopping printable. I cut it off every week when I make my grocery list and clip it right here. Efficient.

At the top right is my ongoing shopping list. We’ve done this for years, so we are pretty trained at writing things down when we run out of something or think of something we need. I pull off the top sheet when I make my grocery list. It is a long-standing-finely-tuned-system. And I highly suggest it.

Menu and shopping list

In the top of the middle is a spare clip that I tie a pencil onto for easy access. Underneath the menu and shopping list are a few clips for reminders or things I want to post (like baby announcements).

tied the pencil on with hemp string

In the middle of the command center is our family calendar. I do not try to write our entire calendar here. That calendar, our master calendar, is automatically synced on my phone, my husband’s phone, my computer, the iPads, etc. That is too convenient to replace. I only write a few things on this calendar, but it still comes in handy to see all the dates clearly. Plus, I write the Sunday Dinner Job Rotation on each Sunday.

Family Calendar

I use a paper clip with a ribbon to make it easy to get to the paper I keep behind the calendar. This is where I keep activity schedules we receive from their coaches, etc. This one is the Fall Lego League schedule.

Ribbon Paper Clip with Lego League Schedule

At the bottom left of the command center is the school lunch menu for packing my lunches. The lunch menu changes when we get bored, but not a second before. My kids would be fine with the same sandwich every day, but I vary it up a couple of times a week. I also make a short list of snacks available that are approved for the kids to take to school. They have a snack time at school every day.

At the bottom right of the command center is my kids’ special classes/ after school activity schedule. I’ve talked about this before, but I’ve now added child #4 and put it in the kitchen instead of mud area. You can read more about why I have this printable HERE.

School Lunch Menu and Activity Schedule

If you want to print out a school lunch menu: Download that HERE.

School Lunch Menu

This command center helps things in my family run smoothly. I really think that is the most important thing about a command center. I keep the inbox for the mail and misc. papers is right above my desk, because that is where I take care of dealing with the mail. That system keeps all of paper piles tamed at our house. You’ve really got to do what works for you!

Do you  have a command center? Where is it at in your house?

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5 thoughts on “Command Center & The School Lunch Menu Printable

  1. I have always liked a clean refrigerator front for some reason and in my lifetime that is where all these schedules (not so well organized as this) would end up. My kitchen always seemed messy to me even when it was clean for… this reason. What great ideas you have, Mary, I just love this!!… Makes me wish if could go back to when my children were little and do it better. Perhaps this would make a great gift for my children and grandchildren’s busy lives! (Someone needs to be totally honest with me though, because if your MIL (not your mom) made you something like this would you be offended? I know, for some, organization is very personal)

    Perhaps I could just pin it on Pinterest??… Is that ok with you, Mary… If the link to your website is there?

    1. It is definitely okay to link to my website anywhere you want! I love Pinterest! :)

      About your question. It really depends on your relationship. Do you feel like you know their tastes well? I am very picky about what colors/fabrics/decor are displayed in my home and don’t enjoy receiving decor as a gift unless the giver knows my tastes very very well. One idea might be to offer to make them together. Take them to the fabric store and let them choose. It could be great quality time together!

      1. Thank you for speaking truthfully. I was worried my children would think I was trying to organize them by making something like this as a gift and the decor part of it never entered mind. I will pin it :). … But I still just love it! … And would be making myself one if it were 20 yrs ago.

  2. Wrap the glass in fabric and glue on the clips!! Brilliant!! Mary, just when I think you’ve thought of everything, you come up with something else. I have this big empty poster frame sitting RIGHT HERE, and a big empty space right over there —> that is pining for some sort of notice/idea board. This is going to be PERFECT!! Bonus, while decluttering yesterday I found a bag full of little stick-on clips! Not only are you an organizing genius, but your timing is impeccable!! :D Love it!!

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