Container Hydrangeas

Container Hydrangeas

Admittedly, when I planted Hydrangeas in the containers on my porch back at the beginning of summer, I had no idea if they would live or die. I even kept the plastic containers and receipts in the garage in case I had to return them to the store (the store worker assured me they were guaranteed to live a year).

Since then, these plants have become my plant-babies. I nurture and love on them every day. My whole family knows my ritual for watering them. I keep this beautiful pitcher on my countertop to remind me. I fill it up twice, and do one pitcher-full into each container. Every day. My toddler, Cougar, and I usually do this while his sisters are at school. He sticks his finger in the water as I fill the pitchers, opens the front door for me, and then he helps push the pitcher up into the container. When we come back to do the second container, he points which container we need to do next. (And as soon as we are done he runs to the back door to water the garden … but more about that later. And that is my cute compost bin next to my watering pitcher.)

Container Hydrangeas - my watering pitcher

In the middle of the summer, the hydrangea buds lost the beautiful blue color they came in and turned green, so I added some acidifier to the soil to play with the color. I love the beautiful pink-purple, but I think I’ll add a little more to get back to a nice blue.

Container Hydrangeas - add acidifier to the soil to get color variation

Container Hydrangeas - Add a pop of color

I am in love with my container Hydrangeas. I think I’m just so proud of my self for keeping a container plant alive, which is a first for me! I’m a little nervous about how they’ll hibernate for the winter and come back alive in the spring like normal Hydrangeas do. If I learn any tricks, I’ll pass them on!

Container Hydrangeas - the leaves and blooms are beautiful

Have you ever put Hydrangeas in containers? Any tips for me? Hydrangeas have beautiful leaves and the flower bouquets are gorgeous! I definitely recommend them for adding a beautiful pop of color to any space.

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12 thoughts on “Container Hydrangeas

  1. This is so cute! I was always a pretty good gardener until I had children and since then everything I’ve tried has died so I feel your excitement at something living. Maybe once ai’ve sorted inside my home I can have some beauty outdoors too :-)

  2. Hi Mary,
    Your hydrangeas are beautiful! I love them as well. I only have experience with hydrangeas that are planted outside. However, I think i might bring them into your garage if you have the space. I am not sure how hardy they are in a pot. Just a thought. Congrats on your new found success!

  3. Those are so gorgeous. I’ve never had much luck with hydrangeas. I love your idea of keeping a pretty pitcher on the counter to remind you to water — and I LOVE that compost bin! So much cuter than my old ceramic bowl!

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