Make Your Own Business Card Booklet

Make Your Own Discbound Booklet of Business Cards

Whatever your profession, you might find yourself at conferences. Every conference I’ve ever been to, I end up with a ton of business cards. One of the great parts of conferences is networking with the other people there, so I want to keep the cards to remind me of conversations and people I’ve met. I wanted a solution that kept the business cards together, so I decided to make my own discbound booklet.

You might remember that I really like using these fun little discs to organize paper. I shared a big discbound shopping haul with you earlier this year, showed my discbound Recipe Book, and even how I keep my Party Planning Printables in my discbound planner. I’ve got several different discbound books I plan on blogging about, but I’m tweaking them to make sure they’re ready to show!

Discbound Business Card Book - Do this with all the business cards you collect at conferences

It was really simple to put these books together. Very simple! I grouped the cards together and cut out cute paper or card stock to make the cover.

Business Card Booklet - Cut out paper for the front and back

Then I punched discbound holes in every card and in the cover paper itself. I set the built in guide on the punch make all the cards as consistent as possible.

Punch each card at the same place

Next I just snapped all the cards onto the discs. It really could not be easier!!

Discbound Business Card Booklet - snap the cards onto the disc

Add a fun label to the front  to remind yourself where you picked up these specific cards. Easy, easy!

Each Discbound Business Card Booklet Keeps Your Contacts Grouped Neatly By Event

Now I just store these little booklets in my desk drawer and pull them out when I want to remember something specific.

The last conference I went to was a super fun one close to home. I loved the Arkansas Women Bloggers and I am excited to get to know a group of bloggers close to home!

I hope you enjoy making your own business card booklets!

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6 thoughts on “Make Your Own Business Card Booklet

    1. These are discbound discs. There are a number of brands. Arc, Martha Stewart, Levenger. You can search online for “disc bound” stuff. From my experience all of the different brands are interchangeable.

  1. Really cute. Glad you thought of it and glad I read the whole thing instead of just looking at the photo! (I thought the disks were shower curtain rings. Ha.)
    No chance these discs are USA made, is there? Just curious…
    Thanks a lot for sharing! Really motivating writing style. :)

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