The Year-Round Wreath

The Year-Round Wreath

I like to keep something festive on my door, but there are times when I’m not looking to celebrate something specific and just want something pretty. I am in love with hydrangeas at the moment and was itching to incorporate them into a wreath somehow, so I came up with a wreath design that would fit on my door anytime throughout the year. And I love it.

It was really easy to put together. I did it all in about 30 combined minutes, though I broke the tasks up to allow for drying paint. I did start with painting first, since I knew I’d have to wait for it to dry. I am in love with metallic acrylic paints right now.

I am in love with metallic acrylic paint

I suggest using thumb tacks on the back side to lift the letter up off the table. As you can see I forgot to do that at first, so I turned the letter over wet paint and all and then turned it back over and touched up the paint. I find it useful for getting around the bottom edge.

Use thumbtacks to keep the Letter off your table

If you want to be picky, you can make all of your brush strokes go in the same direction. Give it a bit to dry. It doesn’t take too long.

Paint the top and sides of the letter

Next I worked on the frame part of the wreath. I bought this aged wood frame from Hobby Lobby, but you could really use any frame you had lying around.

The wreath otherwise known as the frame

These are the hydrangeas I scored for 50% off.

These were the silk hydrangeas I used for the wreath

I used scissors to cut the fake flowers apart. Separating the leaves and the bouquet of flowers.

I cut the hydrangea bushes and the leaves off separately

I glued the leaves onto the frame to form a nest for the flowers. I used a glue gun for this.

I used glue to stick everything together

Here is what the nest looked like without the flowers:

I created a nest out of the silk leaves

Next I glued the hydrangea bouquets onto the leaf-nest. I used a lot of glue at the base of the bouquet.

I used a whole lot of glue to make the big flower stick

This part of the wreath came together very quickly.

I glued the three hydrangea bouquets into the nest

After the letter J dried, the wreath was ready to put together. I used a pencil to mark where I wanted holes in the frame and letter.

I marked with a pencil where I wanted a hole

I asked my assistant to help me drill holes in the frame and letter. He was kind enough to oblige.

I asked my favorite assistant to do the drilling

I tied together the letter and added a string to hang the wreath with hemp rope. Small, but durable.

I tied the letter into the top holes with hemp and tied a string to hang it

I added rubber stickers to the back so that the wreath/frame doesn’t scratch my front door.

I used little rubber backing stickers to make sure the wood doesn't scratch my door

The back is pretty ugly, but no one is going to see the back, so who cares?!

The back is very ugly but who would see the back

I probably need to stop saying this about my own projects, but I LOVE how it turned out. It fits my home and my style and I love it.

I love how looks and the way the J pops out

I love the way the J pops out in thickness and color.

The Wreath that works Year-Round

Do you have a different wreath for each season? What kind of wreaths are your favorite? There are so many varieties these days!!

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    1. Awesome! Good luck! It really was so easy. I just realized that I forgot a picture in the steps of the leaves all glued on without the flowers on yet. I’ll add that now in case it helps. :)

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