5 Ways To Be Active With Your Kids {This Fall/Winter!!!}

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5 Ways to be Active with your Kids This Winter

If you’ve watched my last Kitchen Table Chat, you know that I’ve been on a mission to get myself and my whole family healthier. The health goals I have for my family extend way beyond the kitchen and dining room. One of my goals is to be active as a family, which can get a little tricky. First of all, there is just so much going on! There are after-school activities, homework, weekend events, even just meals and laundry with anything else we can seem to squeeze in. When time is a hot commodity, multitasking helps! So if I can be active with my kids, I get to count it as good quality time and exercise!

I’ve come up with a list of my favorite 5 winter-friendly activities that will help me stay active and offer quality family time. Maybe some of these could work for you too.

1. A Sunday walk, or a set consistent time every week that the family will just take a walk together. We’ve figured out that Sundays work best for us. We’ve kept up this tradition for about a year and we really look forward to it every week. When we started our walks, we’d push our baby boy in the stroller, but eventually he got bigger and the stroller just wasn’t as exciting for him. He loves being pushed in his Radio Flyer Trike. He gets to hold the handles and totally thinks he is in control (and yes that means sometimes he steers us in funny directions and makes us laugh, but luckily we’re holding on to the handles and can coarse-correct). If it is cold where you’re at, just put on layers. We all need fresh air even when it is cold outside!

5 Ways to be Active with your Kids This Winter - Walks in the Radioflyer

2. Yoga. Did you know there are Yoga videos for kids?  I’ve been doing yoga to strengthen my core, and I’ve been learning about how important it is for kids too. Kids with stronger core muscles are able to sit still better because they have more control over the muscles that they need to sit still! It is probably easier to pay attention at school when you can sit still. It makes sense to me that being active and healthy at home really does translate into doing better at school. Doing yoga with kids is really fun. My girls are way better at some moves. They loved that I couldn’t even halfway do a shoulder stand when they nailed it! (I guess my core could use some extra work after twins/four kids. Ha!)

5 Ways to be Active with Kids this Winter - Yoga

3. Play. I know this sounds like an obvious one, but just playing can get pretty active. My kids love to play chase and jump (or actually fall) on my bed.

5 Ways to Be Active With Your Kids

4. Swim. This may sound like a summer activity, but if you are a member of a gym, you might have access to the gym’s pool. Most gyms have open swim hours for families. This is my girls’ favorite way to be active together. We love to race from side to side and show off our fancy twists and turns in the water. In winter, make sure you bring a warm change of clothes for after you’re done and things to bathe the kids at the gym. It makes getting home and getting everyone to bed so much easier. My kids sleep so well on nights we make it to the pool. And when they wear their goggles, their poor eyes aren’t bright red from all the chlorine in the pool.

5 Ways to be Active with your kids This Winter

5. Dance break. Want to work off a few calories and totally embarrass your kids at the same time? It doesn’t even have to be in public for my dance moves to embarrass my kids, but that will never stop me. With persistence, they have stopped thinking I’m crazy and have started dancing with me! The bonus to this one is that now my kids have been exposed to my favorite music and actually request some of my favorite songs in the car. Mom for the win! Plus, dancing can be done in any room of the house in any weather. Perfect way to make a “blah” winter afternoon better.

I was able to pick up the Radio Flyer Trike and Speedo goggles while I was at Target doing my regular shopping. They were even right by each other in the store.

5 Ways to be Active with your kids This Winter

Cougar got close and personal with the goggles while I was trying to pick out colors for my girls. This baby totally melts me.

5 Ways to be Active with Your Kids This Winter - Speedo at Target

And then he found his one true love: the Radio Flyer Trike. And yes, he convinced me to get the ball too! How can I say no to that face?! He looks so little compared to that big store shelf!

5 Ways to be active with your kids this winter - Radio Flyer at Target

Because comparison shopping is always a good idea, I checked Target’s Toy Emporium (available online) for the same Radio Flyer. It was super easy to find the Radio Flyer on the website, because it was just a click away in the “Move” category. Makes sense to me, because that Radio Flyer gets us moving!

Target Toy Emporium

Do you see that price?! Score!!! We’ll be able to transition this to just a normal tricycle as he gets older. Love, love, love this thing.

Radio Flyer on sale


And in case you forgot how cute he is in that Radio Flyer, let’s see that picture again. The sippy cup holder is super convenient.

5 Ways to be Active with your Kids This Winter - Walks in the Radioflyer

I hope this post gave you some great ideas to staying active with your kids this winter! What do you do to stay active with your kids even when the weather goes downhill?

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