5 FREE Printables to Organize Christmas

5 FREE PRINTABLES to Organize Christmas

Sometimes I’m a professional organizer, but more of the time I’m a mom trying to organize life for my four kids. Christmas time should be fun and magical, not stressful and frenzied. Getting organized and having a plan helps simplify all the stuff and lets you focus on the joy. Print off these FIVE different kinds of worksheets and printables for FREE and organize your Christmas today!

1. Holiday Budget

Avoid the after-holidays-spending-hangover by creating a holiday budget and controlling the costs as you go. When you plan your budget ahead of time, you can manage it better and avoid wasting your money in places that you’ll regret later. It is not too late if you’ve already started making purchases, putting a budget together now is better than not at all!

>> Read More about the Holiday Budget Worksheet and download HERE.>>

Holiday Budget

2. Dear Santa

Find out whats on your kids minds this Christmas without inspiring them to create a too-long list of expectations. This Dear Santa letter form asks for kids favorite color, favorite kind of book, favorite candy treat, and one toy they most want. Writing a letter to Santa is a simple and fun annual family tradition.

>>Read More about the Dear Santa Letter and download HERE.>>

Dear Santa Letter


3. Christmas Gift Lists

Not all gift lists should be created equal, which is why I created 2 different styles of lists. The first option is more typical, giving you a place to list out all the people you’d like to give a gift to, as well as your gift idea and budget, as well as some other helpful info. The second option is a worksheet to help you organize your gift list for your children.

>> Read More about Christmas Gift Lists and download HERE.>>

Christmas Gift List

Christmas Gifts List - The Kids

4. Packing Lists

Are you traveling? If so, make your packing list now so that you can add to it as you think of things between now and your travels. Use THIS packing list form for yourself and everything else, and then print THIS packing list for your kids to use.

>> Read More Travel Tips and view children’s packing list HERE >> Download ultimate packing list form HERE >>

The Best Packing List Ever

Kid Packing List

5. Shopping List & Errand Organizing Worksheet

Your to do list is a mile long right now getting ready for all the holiday magic you have planned and all the responsibilities that come this time of year. I get it! I created a worksheet to help you organize your errand trips, so that you can be focused and efficient instead of feeling scattered and overwhelmed!

>>Read More about the Shopping List & Errand Organizing Worksheet and download HERE.>>

Christmas Shopping Errand Organizer

These printables should go a long way towards getting you organized this Christmas! You’ve got this!!

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