5 Habits to Start Now

5 Habits to Start NOW - We are what we repeatedly do Excellence then is not an act but a habit - aristotle

Goals are good and all, and I say go ahead and make some this year. Goals give us a vision of where we want to go, but in the end, it is usually our habits that take us there.

This year, whether or not you set goals, I suggest starting some new habits. And just for fun, I decided to head straight to the inter-web to find out what kind of habits other people were trying to start. Here are five that are pretty compelling.

  1. Floss More. Lifehacker gave some great reasons this habit is more important than the obvious dental health, and more importantly, I appreciate his advice on how to form the habit:

    How to form the habit: Flossing is a habit that we often make out to be way harder than it should be. First things first, if you hate using traditional floss, use things like Plackers instead (they’re disposable and incredibly cheap). Next, since I’m going to assume you brush your teeth everyday (you better!), you need to start associating flossing with hitting your bathroom sink for brushing time, and “if-then” situation if you will. Make it so that you must floss before you allow yourself to brush your teeth (it’s better to floss first anyway). This will set you up for long term success, because habits largely depend on “cues,” and you’ll be cued to floss when entering the bathroom to brush your teeth.”

  2. Multitask Less. Nicole wrote in her list of 13 Good Habits on Lifehack.org that:

    “Put the phone and tablet away. Turn the television off. Devote your attention to the task at hand. Multitasking can lead to spotty work or half-done assignments or duties, so you are more effective if you focus on one thing at a time.”

    I’ve personally noticed a huge difference when I put distractions away and focus on the task at hand. I get so much more done when I do. Of course, I need constant reminding, because I’m always tempted to multitask.

  3. Ditch Plastic Food Storage. This idea came from Becky at Care2. I did this a few years ago and have no regrets. Not only did I switch to glass, but I really reduced how many leftover containers I had. One of the best decisions I’ve made!
  4. Give love unconditionally. As I was reading through Barrie’s Ultimate List of Habits, this goal automatically stuck out to me. Matt and I celebrated our 10th anniversary this year, and I’m always looking for ways to keep our marriage strong.

    “Every day, brainstorm some kind act or gift you can offer your loved one unconditionally.”

  5. Save Money. This habit suggestion is from me, though it was a common theme as I looked around. Here is an easy habit to help you save $1,000 this year. Each week, I take $20 from my wallet and put it in my little savings pot. My thought is, you can absorb the loss of $20 by some easy trades in your weekly spending. But, that $20 a week adds up to $1,040 at the end of the year. You can save for Christmas gifts or a vacation, or whatever you want; it is just nice knowing there is some money tucked away. One important thing to do is to make the money off-limits! Try to forget its there and make the rule that you can only pull from it once a year!

There is my list. What habits are you going to start?

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