Dear Santa {FREE Printable}

Writing a letter to Santa is one of my favorite annual Christmas traditions to keep with my kids. It is a fun peek into what they want for Christmas, and it captures in one piece of paper, a little of their personality at this Christmas time.  You’ve probably figured out by now that there isn’t a ton of papers I decide are sentimental enough for me to keep, but letters to Santa are one of them.

This year I decided to create my own letter form, because I want what I want. Don’t we all!

I wanted to share it with you in case you’d like to use this Dear Santa letter form too.

I was deliberate in what blanks I left. I didn’t want too much space for the kids to feel pressure to create a big long list of gift ideas/demands. I wanted just enough room so I’d be sure to get them the item they are most excited about for Christmas. I ask their favorite color so that I choose other gifts with their favorite color in mind. I like to ask what type of book to help them feel open to books I find for them that I think they’d love.

The most fun part is sitting with your child and filling out the form together. I love to tell my girls that I think they’ve been mostly good. They always give me a sweet smile. And I fill one out too, and my husband does too, because it is fun to do as a family and hang them up. I try to check “I’d rather not say …”, but my kids always end up telling me I’ve been good too. It is just fun.

This is what I came up with for our family’s Santa letter. You can download the pdf to print HERE.

Dear Santa Letter



Let me know if you use this! And I’d love to see pictures if your kids fill it out. Share those pictures in our Facebook group or on the Facebook page, or with a link in the comments.

I hope you have the best Christmas season ever and make lots of awesome memories!

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