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Have you ever heard the idea that as you work to become better at something specific, you also become good at unrelated things as a side effect? For instance, my daughter told me last year “I’m not good at spelling. I’m good at math, but not spelling.” But just a few weeks ago she won her class spelling bee and got to participate in the school-wide spelling bee, which was a big honor. She didn’t spend the last year practicing her spelling, she spent the last year absorbed in reading. As she read, her spelling improved as a side effect.

I love seeing the side effects of getting organized, which are often things people don’t expect. Though we don’t see it from the start, in hindsight we can usually see clearly how it does all relate. Just like we realize that my daughter improved her spelling by exposing herself to words while she read.

One of my clients was compulsively disorganized. She hired me to help clear out and organize two closets. I only ever helped her with those two closets, but she has emailed me several times since updating me about the places she has tackled organizing since then. The side effect of the organizing during our time together was that she realized how capable she was of working on her own messes. That result is a much bigger deal than two organized closets.

I’ve seen people lose weight, develop new hobbies or rekindle old ones, heal relationships, and go after big goals: all as a side effect of getting organized.

The kind of organizing that I teach my clients and readers here is the kind of organizing that makes every part of life better, the kind of organizing that sets off positive domino effects in several directions.

If you’re reading this blog post right now, you are considering trying to get organized. You want to make your life better in some way. I think you can do it. Your spelling may not improve drastically after reading just one book, but keep reading, and it will. There is not a single tip that will cause you to wake up tomorrow and suddenly live a perfectly organized life. But maybe there is a tip that will help you wake up tomorrow and make progress, then tomorrow you will learn something that will help you wake up the next day and make a little more progress. Bit by bit, you can continue making small steps towards getting organized, and later when you look back, you will see how each of those small steps you took had positive ripples that eventually changed everything for the better.

To avoid the vicious cycle of “organize—>wait until things get out of control—>organize again”, and stay organized in maintenance mode (which actually requires way less work overall), involves forming some new routines and habits. The best place to build new routines and habits is right on top of routines and habits that you’ve already solidified. 

When I have my initial consultation with new organizing clients, there are 3 specific things I am trying to learn about them and their situation. Since I’m not with you right now, I’ll have to ask you questions to help you figure these things out.

  1. What bothers you the most? What is something you could organize that would relieve the most stress from your day to day life?
  2. If you were to list your top 5 organizing issues, is there a common theme? 
  3. What are your strengths? What are you doing well? Is there any part of home organization or time management that you like? What positive routines do you have going for you?

If you can identify a theme, and then find a solution that would help multiple issues, that would be good. And let’s say that solution will fix one of those issues that bothers you every day. That’s even better. Then, imagine we could find a solution that built on your strengths, so that you’d be more likely to successfully maintain the change? That is it, that solution is the ideal place to start.

Disclaimer: Don’t waste too much time finding the PERFECT place to start. Don’t let your perfectionism (the part of you that doesn’t want to move forward without the perfect plan) stop you from making things better. These questions are meant to guide you to a starting place, but really, any starting place that gets you on the right path will work.

You may feel like you just read this whole article, but still don’t have your questions answered. You still don’t know EXACTLY where to start. Darn it! I’m sorry about that! I really am! I wish I had a simple answer for you!

And in the spirit of trying to give you what you want, I will tell you two common starting places. Maybe one of these is right for you:

Also, be sure to follow along with the blog this year. I have challenges scheduled that will guide you through decluttering, organizing, cleaning, and more!!

And I want you to remember, you can do this. You really can! Just pick up a book and start reading, just pick a starting place and start organizing. The organizing, and all the positive ripples, are worth it. So worth it.

… Of course I have to mention that ordering one of my planners is a good place to start. I mean, I kind of HAVE TO say that for two reasons. (1) I want you to buy a planner. (2) I really think it will help. Shop my planners HERE. :)

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  1. I just signed up for your newsletter, I am going to start de-cluttering now with what you have already posted but not in the same order so that I am ready for your next 91 day challenge. Thanks for making this blog and posting your tips.

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