Your Christmas Trees!

My Christmas tree has character. You see, I spend most of the year dictating the decor around the house. “This goes here and this goes there, and no, what is on the mantel is not a democratic decision.” But since Christmas time is a time for creating awesome family memories and blah, blah, blah … I let the kids dominate decorating the Christmas tree. (This picture is taken from a sitting angle since my foot is broken!)

Marys Christmas Tree 2014

And there are other concessions I make for my children as well. Like the nativity up on the mantel. This is to protect the one year old from accidentally/intentionally breaking mommy’s favorite Christmas nativity. Normally I like my nativity to be lower on a table, where all the details can be appreciated. Truth be told, though, I get a little giggle every time I see big Santa up on the mantel. There he is, walking along in his whimsical cone tree forest, looking down at the sacred scene in Bethlehem.

I enjoy my Christmas decor, in all of its non-magazine-quality glory. My family loves it too. I love the way my house feels with just the right amount of Christmas stuff out. I love celebrating Christmas with these people …

Christmas Kids 2014

Thinking about my tree and decor, got me to thinking about YOUR tree and decor.

So, in my curiosity, I asked readers in my Get Organized Today Facebook Group to submit pictures of their Christmas Trees. Some just posted pictures, some told a little story with their pictures or told where they lived. There are A LOT of pictures, and I mean A LOT, but I want to share them with you because they are beautiful. Thinking about all of these families decorating their trees and having their own memories makes me happy.

Here it goes …

Reader Christmas Trees

Omma R. – “It’s faerie themed this year for my daughter”
Christmas Tree 01

Caroline E – “My tree, the pearl garland, and the poinsettias were gifted to me by my dear friend who is like a mother to me, she was given the tree by her mother, it was a very special gift to me.” Christmas Tree 02

Caroline E – “This is my very first tree ever, I got this tree after I had my daughter. We now have given it to her and let her pick out the decorations. Being the princess she is she decided a princess theme was a must.”
Christmas Tree 03

Renee H. – “Our tree this year.” Christmas Tree 04

Alexandria C. – “First tree we got on our daughters 
1st Christmas last year. It’s small but it’s special and perfect for our little family. 
This year our daughter helped decorate the tree too!!” Christmas Tree 05

Renee H. – “Christmas topper” Christmas Tree 06

Jennie L. – “We call him Bulbasaur” Christmas Tree 07

Jillayne T. – “It’s little, but suffices. We moved 2,000 miles away last week to an island in the Carribean and have limited items with us.” Christmas Tree 08

Valerie C. – “This is my upside down Santa tree in my kitchen” Christmas Tree 09

Valerie C. – Here is the burlap and bling in the dining room, I don’t have pictures of my 5 other trees yet, Christmas is our favorite time of the year if you can’t tell:)
Christmas Tree 10

Melissa N. – “My new pencil tree!” Christmas Tree 11

Becky T. – “Our very eclectic tree. Lots of favorite ornaments on it.” Christmas Tree 12

Dhana M. – “Our big tree.”
Christmas Tree 13a

Dhana M. – “Close up of main tree.” Christmas Tree 13b

Dhana M. – “Black and gold tree in living area.” Christmas Tree 14a

Dhana M. – “Close up of black and gold/owls tree. I am in Texas!” Christmas Tree 14b

Amy B. – “Den tree burlap & berries” Christmas Tree 15

Penny V. – “Snow man tree! Indiana” Christmas Tree 16

Katie D. – “No theme- just years and years of wonderful memories. I love every single ornament and they each mean to me.” Christmas Tree 17

Susie S. – “My skinny tree in the family room. Oregon” Christmas Tree 18

Stella S.
Christmas Tree 19

Susie S. – “My fat tree in the living room. Oregon” Christmas Tree 20

Crystal S. –  “Oh this is fun! You gals are so festive ~ But mine stays out ALL YEAR!”
Christmas Tree 21

Tzigane M. – “It’s not lit up, a little crooked and obviously decorated by two littles but I live it! So many special ornaments on it!” Christmas Tree 22

Stephanie F from the Sharing A to Z blog – “I’m from Ohio, but live in Florida. My grandparents have given us an ornament each year since birth. I have started this tradition with my children and these ornaments make our tree!”  Christmas Tree 23

Deanna L. – “California here… Here is our tree this year! I still refuse to get a fake one even tho the mess drives me crazy for months!” Christmas Tree 24

Lauren B. (instagram @lubsyb) –  “Love everyone’s trees!!!  Here’s ours. I’m from Fayetteville, Arkansas. Our tree is mostly homemade ornaments from the kids and berries from our Nandina bush.”  Christmas Tree 25

Emma S. – “Main tree in our living room. I live in northern Ireland”  Christmas Tree 26

Emma S. – “My pop up tree in our hall… More recent purchase but I love it… my modern touch”
Christmas Tree 27

Lauren B. (instagram @lubsyb) – “A typical ornament on our tree. Handmade baking soda ornaments painted my little ones. So special”  Christmas Tree 28

Paige M. – “Our ‘non’-Christmas tree this year – a vintage, French bottle drying rack, decorated with mercury ornaments, old keys and berries. I am from Texas, but live in Germany close to the French border!” Christmas Tree 29

Michele B. – “Small tree in my dining room… I keep it decorated & store it in a suit box in the attic”
Christmas Tree 30

Marilyn K. – “Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.” Christmas Tree 31

Wendy R. – “Most of the ornaments are handmade.” Christmas Tree 32

Barbara W. – “I have decorated three trees this year here in Washington state. This is a happy mishmash of ornaments that reflect over 40+years of marriage and family. The bottom is a little bare so our five year old Grandson can put up the non fragile ornaments when he is over tomorrow.”
Christmas Tree 33

Barbara W. – “Our studio tree is always decorated by our two older Grandsons. This year the 11 year old helped his papa with the outside lights and the 5 year old did this tree all by himself. It is all homemade (shrinkydinks, paper and glitter and fabric covered foam balls) with a few store bought unbreakable ornaments and is my favorite of the three trees I helped decorate here in Washington state.”
Christmas Tree 34

Danielle B. – “ In Michigan. Our favorite tradition is going to Christmas Tree farm with my parents and brothers and sister to pick our trees. Although with spouses and kids we are getting to big to fit on my dad’s pickup every year  Keeping ours simplistic this year because were have a two year old who loves to steal ornaments”
Christmas Tree 35

Suzette C. – “Houston, TX”
Christmas Tree 36

Crystal B.
Christmas Tree 37

Judy B. – “My tree in TN”
Christmas Tree 38

Kathy N. – “Gwynns Island VA”
Christmas Trees

Monica H.
Christmas Tree 39

Denise C. – “About 600 lights in England”
Christmas Tree 40

Judy H. – “Fort Worth TX”
Christmas Tree 41

Ashley H. – “here is my job’s xmas tree in Washington D.c.” Christmas Tree 42

Cyndie T. – “Indianapolis”
Christmas Tree 43

Gwizzie M. – “San Diego, Ca. We have lots of unbreakable ornaments on the tree. I have the breakable ones on garland that looks like greenery. It’s nice I can enjoy them without worrying about my 18mo old breaking them.” Christmas Tree 44

Amanda S. – “My cozy country living room tree WV” Christmas Tree 45

Rebecca M. – “Edmonton, Alberta Canada.. With none other than a ‘Frozen’ themed Christmas Tree!”
Christmas Tree 46

Rebecca M. – “Our pop up tree in another room as well!” Christmas Tree 47

Nancy Y. – “Three Hills, Alberta, CANADA” Christmas Tree 48

Arlinda N. – “Summerville, SC” Christmas Tree 49a Christmas Tree 49b

Arlinda N. – “My vintage aluminum tree, which I haven’t used in a couple of years due to toddlers. The gate around it was just ugh!! I’ll put it up again in a couple of years…without the gate. lol”
Christmas Tree 49c

Alexandria C. – “My two year old daughter’s purple/pink tree. This little tree is so special as all the decorations given to her and purchased for her from different places are on this tree.”  Christmas Tree 50

Chrissy B. – “Bristol, CT. Note the lack of ornaments on the bottom third due to our 16 month old daughter  We’ve got lots of great memories on this tree–many ornaments handmade/passed down from great grandmothers, grandmothers, and my mother.” Christmas Tree 51

Larisa B. – “American living in England. Just decorated it today! The picture isn’t great but it’s what I took tonight before going up to bed. My daughter wanted to stick the stars on the wall next to it and the stocking won’t stay there but was a handy place to put it for the moment.”
Christmas Tree 52

Tes. S. – “Our tree, full of lots of special ornaments from friends and family over the years. Near Orlando, FL”
Christmas Tree 53a

Tes. S. – “These little stars and bows are made from the extra favors from my best friend’s baby shower, and are all over my tree and hers!” Christmas Tree 53b

Janette F. – “Derby, CT”
Christmas Tree 54

Brittany A. – “The ornaments are hard to see but their are 4 generations of ornaments on my tree. My mothers aunts hand made ornaments, my mothers and fathers ornaments, my ornaments (and my brothers until he can get more stable) and my childrens . Some are school made others store bought others made by family or myself. But our tradition js each child gets an ornament each year that represents them.”
Christmas Tree 55

Maria L. – “Rocky Point, NC
A tree of memories. Ornaments a made by my daughter throughout the years from preschool tip now”
Christmas Tree 56

Kristi J. –  “Ok needed to wait until nighttime for the “lights” shot. I always love my tree. It has ornaments from when I was a kid, both homemade by me and given to me. Now it has my kids’ ornaments, again, both homemade and given to them. No themes, no colour coordinating – just ornaments and a string of beads instead of garland (too frilly for me!). All our ornaments go on – even the cheesy ones my teacher husband gets as gifts! They all mean something. Our star is not on yet – waiting for my hubby to come home – that’s his part! Lol” Christmas Tree 57

Deborah T. – “Northeast PA”
Christmas Tree 58

Deborah A. – “The 5 of us had a good time decorating the tree this year.” Christmas Tree 59

Melanie W. – “Redwater, TX. This is the first year for this tree.  Our last one, a white one, bit the dust last year.” Christmas Tree 60

Connie W.
Christmas Tree 61

Gwizzie M. – “Not our tree but the kids and I made this from branches. I think it’s pretty good for some wire and ribbon.” Christmas Tree 62

Elizabeth B. – “my tree is orange.” Christmas Tree 64

Lisa G. – “Simple and classic this year.” Christmas Tree 65

Louise M. – “Cat proof”
Christmas Tree 66a

Louise M. – “The year before we made the cat proof plywood tree.” — “The culprit.”
Christmas Tree 66b

Paula K from the Paula Buenos Aires Blog – “I´m from Buenos Aires, Argentina and bought our tree 21 years ago while we lived in the UK. EVERY year our family of four discusses if the lights go first or last and we go through all our “putting the tree up” pictures and try to figure it out yet again. Lol” Christmas Tree 67

Andrea V.
Christmas Tree 68

Teressa J. – “A little late to the game but I finally got a chance to post a pic of our tree.  We buy a new ornament for each of our children every year (so that when they are older & out on their own) they already have ornaments for their own tree that have memories. We put them up every year. Even though my kids are a little older it is still a ‘family/kid’ style tree.” Christmas Tree 69

Diane W. (story told in 6 pictures) – “Northern Virginia… This is our tree back in 2010…”
Christmas Tree 70a

Diane W. (2 of 6) – “lit up in 2010…” Christmas Tree 70b

Diane W. (3 of 6) – “then we got this sweet little Pumpkin in 2012…” Christmas Tree 70c

Diane W. (4 of 6) – “which resulted in a tangled tail and cut string of lights in order to free him…”
Christmas Tree 70d

Diane W. (5 of 6) – “so this ended up being our Christmas tree for the rest of 2012. So no tree in 2013 b/c he thinks he can still climb and sleep in it. Not so much when you are bigger and bend all the limbs down”  Christmas Tree 70e

Diane W. (6 of 6) – “So this year I put up a tree on our deck  I want to add more too it but it has either been raining or too cold since I got this much done.”
Christmas Tree 70f

Andrea R. – “ I haven’t put anything out or up- our new house has banisters and pillars and columns on the porch and the inside staircase begging to be decked out. I Just don’t have the oomph to deal with it this year. Between the mess of a real tree and/or finding a artificial one I actually like- it won’t happen. But this was last years Holiday attempt in our tiny tiny apartment. I thought it was fun- it was all using 3M hooks. As you can see the dog is amused.” Christmas Tree 71

Brenda C. – “I’m in Michigan! No snow at the moment  I’m new to this group! Excited to be here and get some organizing tips and tricks!” Christmas Tree 72

Shanda L. – “Michigan”
Christmas Tree 73

Merry Christmas to you!!

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  1. TY so much for taking the time to do this Mary! Christmas is my favorite so I love seeing all the trees and decorations. TY also for sharing your beautiful tree, decorations and children <3 Prayers for your foot to heal completely. Merry Christmas to you and yours :)

  2. Wow, that was wonderful to look at them all again Mary! This was such a good idea, thanks for letting us all share! :) Also, “…no, what is on the mantel is not a democratic decision.” – Haha, that cracked me up!! Merry Christmas!!

  3. I love this post. Thank you so much for taking the time to put it together. I LOVE Christmas, and seeing all these trees makes me feel like we’re all celebrating together, even though we’re spread out all over the world.

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