Week 2 of Cleaning and Laundry (The Keeping House Mini-Challenge)

The Keeping House Mini-Challenge - Cleaning and Laundry - Week 2

{If you’re just joining us, get caught up with more about the Challenge HERE and read about Week 1 HERE …}

You probably noticed I didn’t ever post some of the links from Week 1 that were “coming soon”. On Monday I found out my broken foot wasn’t healing. On Wednesday, I found out surgery was necessary and scheduled for Friday. On Friday, I had surgery and for the last few days I’ve been in a blur. I’m so glad I had this all planned out before this crazy week, because I love how this challenge is helping so many start 2015 with a bang! I just wanted to write a quick note to apologize and explain the lack of supplemental “coming soon” posts written, which I planned to write this past week as my kids went back to school! Life has different plans sometimes, but without further delay … checkout week 2 of the challenge …

Week 2 of The Keeping House Mini-Challenge is a stark contrast to Week 1. Last week was hard and it was set up to be hard. I want you to remember the difficulties, because as long as you don’t set up good routines, keeping house will continue to be that difficult!! Without good habits setup, you live life in vicious cycles. Maybe you spend a weekend getting everything cleaned, but before you know it, things are a mess again. How many times have I heard my clients and readers say “Spent all day cleaning and now you can’t even tell.” The missing link is habits and routines. The same thing goes for the perfectionists who never learned how to maintain in between. The cycle of their homes is “perfect -> terrible -> perfect -> terrible” and each state of “perfect” requires a huge amount of energy and each state of “terrible” leaves them feeling hopeless. And once people start to realize that things will just feel messy or terrible again soon after the big amount of effort, it becomes more and more difficult to convince yourself to try again. But try again!!

The way I want to teach you to live is not perfect. Perfect is not realistic and doesn’t last long anyway. Your home may never feel “perfect” again, but it will be tidy, organized, clean, lived in, warm, and inviting. You will feel comfortable with friends, neighbors, and acquaintances stopping by unannounced. And better yet, YOU will feel better, because you will have time to focus on people, hobbies, health, and interests … all without the nagging feeling that your home is a mess or you should be cleaning. This is Maintenance Living, and it is the most peaceful way to live.

You did all that hard work last week, so you could start Maintenance Living this week. I am SO EXCITED for you!!!!

The Keeping House Mini-Challenge: Cleaning and Laundry

Week 2: Setting up A Weekly Routine

The following routine is for this week … and every week of the year. When you let these tasks develop into habits and you have routines to get them done, it is magical. It takes self-discipline and will power to keep going until they are routine, but you can do it! You become better at things you do regularly, so eventually each task takes less time and you’re better at knowing how and where to fit them into your life.

For your benefit, this schedule includes some bonuses to the normal Keeping House routine. I’ve added in the other activities, in addition to cleaning and laundry, that keeps the household going. Take any of the links to see how I do these things and make them work for me! Each link within the schedule goes to a DIFFERENT post.

If you are following along with your Mary ORGANIZES Home Management Planner, you’ll see how these tasks coordinate exactly. 

Daily Tasks:








  • Plan Your Week
  • Budget Checkin with Spouse

Each day, if you do not complete the Cleaning task, it does not get added to your to do list for the next day. You just skip it and do it the next week at the regularly scheduled time. These tasks are not meant to follow you around and nag you, they are for your benefit. You get a clean slate every day. If you find yourself regularly skipping any of these tasks, brainstorm why during your weekly planning and try different things until you find a weekly schedule that works for you.

The way I do laundry isn’t one load per day, which may work for those with smaller families. I do one category of laundry per day. I do laundry throughout the day in between everything else. Very soon, I will be sharing more of my laundry secrets with you, but give this schedule a try in the meantime.

Watch this video and browse my planners here to see how this system comes together in the planners I offer


Report back here or in our Facebook group or my page with your progress so I can cheer you on!!

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5 thoughts on “Week 2 of Cleaning and Laundry (The Keeping House Mini-Challenge)

  1. Awesome! I have something similar set up but there were a few things I added (the inbox!!!) to help clear the clutter on my kitchen counters. Thanks for these posts – they rock! :)

  2. I am glad for any help I can get. Ive been laid up for 3 years after back surgery. My daughter helprd as much as she could but had to go back to work. My house needs deep cleaning badly. I try to keep dishes & laundry done. I have a question. I ordered the 91 day challenge thing last week & srill haven’t received it. I dedidn’t understand it was almost over. What do I do? I have a confirmation #. Please email me & help me figure this out. Thank you.Vickie

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