Less is more. Less to clean, less to maintain, less chaos, less standing in your way of having the home you want.

More freedom, more time for the things you love, more space, more peace. Less really is more!!

Less is more

{Right click on this photo and save to your computer. I left it high resolution, so that you could print and put up to remind yourself during the next 91 days that less is more!!}

Declutter challenge starts Monday. Now is a good time to start looking around at your clutter and visualize what your home is going to look like without it. Hold that thought.


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9 thoughts on “Less is More {FREE PRINTABLE}

  1. Love this challenge opportunity, Mary. Did it last year and it was the jump start for cleaning success all year! Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. ordered your 91 day challenge De clutter pack never could get the download nor did I get an e-mail???? 6 bucks down the drain?

    1. I’m not sure what happened, but I just sent you an email with a new link. Sorry for any trouble, but I’m always happy to make sure any of my customers are happy. :) {Emails go to your Paypal email address … be sure to check junk mail.}

    2. I just got another email saying your email address was not deliverable. Please email me at mary{at}maryorganizes.com and I will reply to that email with the download.

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