Make A Plan (It’s not too late!)

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Last November I announced the opening of my Mary ORGANIZES Planner Store, which is an online planner store right here on my website. I sell digital downloads of my planners, as well as actual physical planners shipped to you. I prepare each planner in my home. I print, cut, punch each planner and create the dividers. And I love every minute.

If you do not have a planner for 2015, it is not too late. I use my smart phone for a lot, but there is just something different about using a paper planner. Writing notes in the margins and crossing through to do lists. Highlighting things for focus. Tearing out pages that are finished, bookmarking pages to see again. Read 5 Ways to Plan Better and be reminded how planning can help make sense of the chaos and make you feel productive and empowered.

5 Ways To Plan Better

No need to wait until the school year or next New Year’s. Planning can help you now!

Just this week I added a beautiful new Custom Planner.  Red Leather Cover. Half letter size to slip easily into a purse. Discbound. The Mary ORGANIZES Home Management System to keep you organized. {See more about this beautiful new Custom Planner …}

CP 15-02-17

Another new addition this week is the Budget Insert. Monthly budget sheets. Account Registers. Debt Payoff Registers. And so much more. If you have a discbound or binder planner, you can snap the new insert right into the planner you already have – or order it with your new planner. {See More about the Budget Planner Insert …}

Budget Planner Insert

And of course there is my Home Business Planner, modeled after the planner I created for my own Shaklee business (I’m a Shaklee Independent Distributor, but this planner can be used for other businesses too). This planner is selling like hot cakes and I am loving the feedback. One business owner told me she was able to get more done in 10 minutes using her new planner compared to what used to take much longer. That is what I love to hear! {See more about the Home Business Planner …}

Home Business Planner


So, let me make one for you. It is never too late to plan better! Go look around my planner store and tell me what you think! And you better believe I’ve got some big things coming. It is only going to get better from here.

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