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Mary ORGANIZES Master Bathroom Tour - updated tour

It has been a few years since I shared a tour of my master bathroom and how I organize it. I’ve made some updates over time. I like to make gradual changes to keep things fresh! Plus, we’ve since had a baby boy, and since he shares our bathroom, that changes things a little. Like how I hide a spare toothbrush under my washcloths on the counter because he looks for it and then doesn’t use my toothbrush. (His regular brush and toddler toothpaste are in the bathroom near his room.)

If you want to see the old tour to compare, you can look HERE. The picture of plastic shoe boxes under my sink went viral and still is going viral. Sometimes it is the simplest things that can make the biggest difference!

One change I made was to switch out the white towels for decorative colored towels. These don’t get used, though it wouldn’t be the end of the world if they were used. Really they’re just for looks and a splash of calm color.

Mary ORGANIZES Master Bathroom Tour - decorative towels for color

Baths are one of my favorite ways of relaxing, but this tub is mostly used for a toddler swimming pool/bath these days. I can put 4 inches of water in the tub and let him splash around while I get dressed in the morning. That right there is worth turning my bath sanctuary into a place with a shark mat and toys! Plus, he is my fourth baby. My first three taught me that these stages go faster than they feel at the time. I’m embracing the season of life I’m in, which is made way better with the presence of sharks and pirate ships.

Mary ORGANIZES Master Bathroom Tour - jacuzzi tub

This wall has our clock, towel hamper and garbage can. My husband says that this clock yells the time at him because it is so bold. Now I can’t read the time without thinking of that and laughing a little inside. We traded out the fancier wicker laundry hamper for this nice plastic one. The reason is the fancy one was taking the paint off my walls!! I am going to touch up all the paint around my house soon (my goal is this spring sometime), so I don’t want to keep the culprit around to do more damage.

Mary ORGANIZES Master Bathroom Tour - clock hamper and garbage

There is no good way to take a picture of our double shower-head shower, but we are still appreciating how it simplifies mornings. I also like that it doesn’t need a shower curtain. We have hooks right in the doorway for our towels.

Mary ORGANIZES Master Bathroom Tour - double headed shower

This is the end of our bathroom, and the transition area into the closet and powder room.

Mary ORGANIZES Master Bathroom Tour - transition from bathroom to closet

This is the storage in the powder room. Really just some basic items that don’t fit well under the sinks.

Mary ORGANIZES Master Bathroom Tour - storage behind toilet

This is our sink area. I use a stool to do my hair and makeup. My son uses the stool to play in the sink and his toothbrush I’ve hid in the washcloth stack for him to find like a treasure. This ploy of mine keeps him AWAY from my toothbrush, which used to be his passion. Anything to keep him happily busy for a few minutes while I finished getting dressed or come back here to put laundry away, etc.

Mary ORGANIZES Master Bathroom Tour - sink view

This is the top drawer. I found these drawer liners at HomeGoods. I wanted more for the other bathrooms in the house, but they only had enough for my bathroom and closet. My skin care and body care come from Shaklee’s Enfuselle line. I love how my skin feels using it. If you’re interested in any of those products, you can look HERE. Can we all just take a minute to enjoy the fact that my husband only needs one tiny bin for his own items. Can you imagine getting ready in the morning being that easy?!

Mary ORGANIZES Master Bathroom Tour - top drawer

This is my middle drawer where I keep my makeup. I really enjoy makeup when I have time to apply it slowly and carefully. Otherwise I’m known to poke myself in the eye with mascara. Coordination is not my best skill.

Mary ORGANIZES Master Bathroom Tour - middle drawer

This is the bottom drawer where I keep all my hair stuff. I have difficult hair that unfortunately requires a lot of effort to look decent.

Mary ORGANIZES Master Bathroom Tour - bottom drawer

Our towel cabinet. These towels are used by my husband, toddler, and myself. I keep enough to use and do the wash once a week with a few spares for dirtier weeks.

Mary ORGANIZES Master Bathroom Tour - Towel cabinet

This is the cabinet that went viral last time. I’ve changed it a little. The middle containers are now these wider ones because the bottom one fits nail polish/nail accessories really well. It came in a 2 pack, so I use the top for cotton swabs/q-tips.

Mary ORGANIZES Master Bathroom Tour - Products Cabinet

I’ve also updated the picture frames holding pictures of me and my babies when I got to hold them for the first time. I wrote about what these pictures mean to me in the post HERE.

Mary ORGANIZES Master Bathroom Tour - decorations with meaning

These are the products I use every day and keep on our counter. The blue liquid is mouthwash and the container next to it has little paper cups. It takes 6 squirts for the right swishing amount. Yes, I counted.

I use a new wash cloth every morning and every night. I just love how fresh that feels. And I also wipe my counter/sink every morning and every night with the washcloth before I put it in the hamper. It keeps my bathroom feeling very clean in between actual cleanings. 

Mary ORGANIZES Master Bathroom Tour - counter products

That is my super exciting bathroom!! Yay for organized bathrooms!!

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28 thoughts on “Master Bathroom Tour & Organizing Tips

  1. Absolutely beautiful Mary! I love how you embrace life at the stage you are in now realizing how quickly it changes.

    Also love your article about your precious pictures.

    Thank you for sharing your home and yourself with us as well as all of your great ideas.


  2. Where did you get the stand you use on your counter top? I love how organized everything looks and am going to start making some changes in my bathroom.

  3. Dear Mary,
    As always, getting more tips to tweak my space brings me great joy. I guess I get excited because I struggle in this area. And yes, it is so much easier getting ready in the a.m.

    1. Okay, I’m trying to remember. I think I bought them from Amazon, but have since seen them at Target. It has been a while, but that is what I think happened … :)

  4. Wow. So neat and clean. I feel like my bathroom is always a nightmare! I really love your countertop tray, with the pretty mouthwash pump. I’m not a fan of the huge Costco bottle of mouthwash on the counter all the time!! The idea of using a new washcloth every day and using it to wipe everything down is definitely one I will use. I won’t feel guilty for using so many wash cloths if I wipe my counter and sink every day! I think you have a gift for organizing! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love it all…You motivate me to organize my stuff. I’m excited to look more through your website! :)

  6. I love the acrylic counter top tray on the risers- I can’t find it anywhere- I saw you got it at Target but I’m not finding it there. Do you have a link for it by any chance? Love it!

    1. I got it in the store, not online, so I don’t have a link. It was by the other clear acrylic stuff. Try Bed Bath & Beyond too, they often have similar things.

  7. have been searching for that bathroom tray that you have on your countertop and sad to report, I can’t find it!
    :-( It looks so nice and clean the way you have it set up, right now, I have a small flower and kleenex dispenser
    sitting on mine and I think it is too junky looking. Any direction as to the aisle number would be appreciated!
    :-) Love your blog and all the helpful tips that you so graciously share.

    1. Oh darn, I remember I bought it in the bathroom aisles at Target, but it has been years now. I thought I saw it a while ago still in that spot, but since I wasn’t looking to buy it, I could be wrong. I did a quick Amazon search for “bathroom counter organizer” and this was an awesome one I saw. Seriously, I might trade mine out for this. ;) —

      1. After not finding a tray like the one you have, I purchased the one you have a link too above. Love it and looks so nice holding my Clinique products that I use every day!

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