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During past declutter challenges, I try to work at least a week ahead in my home so that I can be inspired during the process to make tweaks to the system and support you better. This time I’m enjoying working through the process WITH you. It is definitely more fun this way! And I love the way each room feels after I finish in there.

I thought I’d share my master bedroom with you. I took pictures of everything, even in all my drawers and under the bed.

Mary ORGANIZES - Master Bedroom Tour 10

The picture collage below shows all the drawer contents of the main dresser in the master bedroom. We keep all clothing items in our closet, so we use our dresser for miscellaneous items. My husband collects playing cards from his travels … and I collect bags.

*If you have a weakness for keeping lots of a specific kind of item, give yourself a boundary and then enjoy your collection within that boundary using the one in one out rule. When I know I will have to donate a purse in order to buy a new one, I think harder about getting the new one.

MBR Drawers - Dresser

I found this Cynthia Rowley bedding set at HomeGoods in the fall. It is the most comfortable comforter ever, my husband has spontaneously thanked me for the change more than once. The lamp shades are from Pottery Barn years ago. Buy things you love and let them last!

Mary ORGANIZES - Master Bedroom Tour 2

The next picture collage is the view under our bed and in our night stands. I keep the laundry hanging racks under the bed because I air dry all of my clothes. My husband keeps our scriptures and miscellaneous things on his side and I keep books I’m reading and a spare set of sheets on my side.

MBR Drawers - Nightstand Drawers and Underbed

I love light coming in through open windows. It is one of my very favorite simple joys. I know there is a debate about having a tv in the bedroom, but I like having a tv in our room. I do a lot of laundry folding on the bed and I like to reward myself with a little tv while I do.

Mary ORGANIZES - Master Bedroom Tour 7

These pictures show what I keep in the entertainment center drawers: things for workout videos, relaxation tools, DVDs and the few CDs we have left. Let’s pretend all of those DVDs are totally inspirational and educational, m’kay? Funny story about those movies … when we were moving in to this house and I was creating an organizational map of where things would go in the house (like I show HERE), I put down “adult movies” going in this spot. My husband had a lot of questions about what adult movies I meant. Ha! I didn’t even think of how that sounded, I just meant that it would be the non-cartoon movies in our room. Then I had to think about all the friends/others I had shown the plans. Yeah, that was embarrassing!

MBR Drawers - Entertainment Center Dresser

More pictures …

Mary ORGANIZES - Master Bedroom Tour 5

The hooks by the door are not the most fashionable statement, but sometimes you just need to solve your problem in a convenient way. I always wanted to dump my purse, bags, and sweaters right there, so I might as well make that possible instead of fighting myself all the time.

Mary ORGANIZES - Master Bedroom Tour 6

Here is a picture collage from our 10th anniversary trip to Europe. Rome was our favorite, but we also really enjoyed the views from the French Riviera, and our quick stop in London on the way home. So many good memories inside one frame.

Mary ORGANIZES - Master Bedroom Tour 9

I try to keep the focus of decor in the master bedroom on our marriage relationship and things that bring peaceful thoughts.

Mary ORGANIZES - Master Bedroom Tour 4

These little cord keeper thingies made our night stands look much neater. We used to wrap our phone cords around the base of the lamps to try to keep them from falling back.

Mary ORGANIZES - Master Bedroom Tour 3

I use place mats as nightstand toppers. I usually bring a glass of water to bed and I don’t want to mess with a coaster on my nightstand.

Mary ORGANIZES - Master Bedroom Tour 1

And … my assistant. This girl is awesome. Whenever she finds me somewhere in the house organizing, she gets the cutest little attitude and says “mom, you’re not supposed to organize without me!” And then she starts helping me. She has a gift!

Mary ORGANIZES - Master Bedroom Tour 8

UPDATE: I FORGOT A PICTURE OF MY CEILING WHEN I PUBLISHED THIS … so here is my ceiling. I still love it, imagine that.

Mary ORGANIZES - Master Bedroom Tour 11

There you have it – my bedroom.

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46 thoughts on “Master Bedroom Tour

  1. I felt good about my room, until I saw yours. We have almost the same room and furniture placement. I will have to take pictures and show you. I do have way too much stuff in my room. Love the chair in the corner, I have been thinking about putting one in my room. Thanks for posting pics. Very inspiring.

    1. You should still feel good about your room, don’t let mine stop you from that! Less stuff always makes a room feel good, though, so keep on decluttering! :)

  2. Love your bedroom. Nice and calming. I say “adult movies” too and then always amend it with what I really mean by that. Same as yours. Haha!

    1. I found these at Staples, but I just saw some at Target that are 3M command strips and totally clear. I would get those next time because I loved that they were clear, but I already had these. :)

  3. Love the photos – I have always thought your bedroom looked clean and organized but now it is even better!! The “adult movies” story is hilarious. You really do take after your mother in so many ways. :) And I love your little helper. She is the cutest little organizing person on the planet. Love, your mother xoxo

  4. Where did you get the “cord keeper thingies”? Love that idea and the placement on the table is brill! It bring color, texture and function to your nightstand. <3

    1. I got this kind at Staples, but I’ve seen some 3M ones at Target that are clear and look really cool. I think you’ll find something like it at a lot of stores. And yes, texture and color are so important to me too!

  5. I am inspired! Your bedroom style and colors reminds me so much of mine but, minus all the clutter! Can’t wait to get started on decluttering mine now!

  6. Where do you keep your jewelry? That is what’s cluttering up my dresser. I can’t find an organizing solution that works for me.

    1. It looks gray sometimes, but it is more of a beige. It is a very good neutral and Sherwin Williams uses it in a lot of their palettes. It is called Balanced Beige. :)

  7. Thanks Mary for the spare sheet set idea! Found it here last year and have loved having them so close for my scheduled Friday sheet change. Great idea, works for me!

  8. “Adult movies” totally cracked me up. I have definitely called ours the same and have heard our kids use that phrase on more than one occasion and wondered how many times they’ve said it around others who would think it meant….you know….ADULT movies.

  9. Love your bedroom – looks calming and peaceful- I also use placemats on my night tables- but I am really surprised that you have no clothes in your dresser. I hope someday you share pictures of the inside of your closet!

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