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Today is the start to a new blog series that will pop up from time to time. I’m so excited to share success stories from readers like you! Our first success story is about Rachelle. Many of us in the online Facebook group got to know Rachelle last year as she went through the declutter challenge with us. As she decluttered each space, she would show pictures of her progress. From the beginning, we could all see her talent for making her home beautiful and looked forward to her progress picture updates.

Rachelle has a degree in interior design and has held several different design positions for large commercial firms. Of course, there is always more to the story, and I want you to hear the rest in her words…


Rachelle - Mary ORGANIZES Reader Success Story

After the death of my husband in 2006 leaving me with two small children, ages 23 months and 5 years old, I put my job on the back burner to be with my children.  My home started to suffer because as I focused all my energy on my children. What I did not realize was that I was NOT teaching my children how to organize and take care of their spaces, and it was a contributing factor to a depression I had settled into and was not willing to admit.

In 2014, I came across Mary’s 91 Day Declutter Challenge and even though I had remarried and moved to a wonderful new home, I was never truly “happy” because I still lacked motivation to keep things neat and organized. Mind you, I have never been excessively messy but I certainly had too much clutter and found it hard to organize. My daughter was diagnosed with ADHD after extensive testing (another thing I was in denial about). I embarked on Marys journey to take back my house and my life. It has been one of the most rewarding challenges I have done for me and my children! I found that the more I rid myself and environment of the clutter, the more organized not only did I become,  but so did my daughter. I am giving my children lifelong tools to help them organize and stay focused.

The best thing about this challenge is not only the wonderful people I have met on this site and the encouragement everyone provides, but that I challenged MYSELF to be a better person. It opened doors to more creativity and time to do things I have wanted to do, like reestablish my residential design business.

Rachelle - Closet 1 Rachelle - Closet 2 Rachelle - Closet 3 Rachelle - Closet 4 Rachelle - Coke Cabinet Rachelle - Dining Rachelle - Entry Rachelle - Kitchen Drawers Rachelle - Master Bedroom


Thank you so much for sharing your story and home with us, Rachelle!! Your local clients are so lucky to have you!

{If you are a declutter graduate and would like to share your story, please email me at mary[at]}

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24 thoughts on “Success Stories – Rachelle

  1. Thank you so much for sharing yourself, your home and your talent with us Rachelle. You are truly an inspiration! HUGS <3

    Thank you Mary for giving this opportunity to your followers to help give us the desire to keep moving forward.

  2. wow I absolutely love how Rachelle decorated and organized her house. It is so beautiful and have so many great ideas/tips.

  3. Mary, what a great idea! This is a very supportive group and I feel like we are family. I love this opportunity to get to know my family members better.

    Rachelle, your home is beautiful. I am ADD also and I know the importance of having a de-cluttered space. Your daughter is learning a great life skill from you. Your family is blessed to have such an awesome mom!

  4. Rachelle, I am so happy for you that this has had such a positive influence in your life! What a beautiful home! You aren’t near Dallas, are you? I’d love to hire you…

    1. Tiffany, thank you! Im in Charleston, love Dallas! I have many relatives in Texas and my MIL is from there so I have a fondness for your neck if the woods! I wish i was closer so I could help! But feel free to ask me any questions and I can try to help from afar!

  5. Rachelle, your home is beautiful. I took Interior Design classes a few years ago, but I didn’t feel that there is a demand for that in my area. I got into hair dressing instead, so I still get to be creative. You are definitely an inspiration. Thanks so much for sharing. And Mary, thank you so much for giving me a place to get inspired. My bedroom looks incredible already. I’m looking forward to seeing the results as I continue along with this challenge.

        1. I understand that! I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. :)

          Keep me updated on your decluttering in the comments each week and I can support you right here!

  6. Rachelle, so neat you shared your story and your home. I absolutely love your decorating and want my home to become warm and inviting too! I joined before the last challenge but ended up traveling with my mom and sister in September so didn’t get off to a good start or finish but each time I saw your pictures, it was motivating to me. Mary, I would read articles almost everyday while in Norway making mental plans and preparing, so I’m glad the new challenge started in March. I have had enough time mentally preparing and now it’s time for doing! You both are a great inspiration!

  7. I want to join your challenge. Is it a book or something online? My clutter is from too small of a house and a passion for quilting which equals too much fabric for my space.

    1. The challenge is all here on the blog. If you look at all of the posts on the home page of, you’ll notice that the newest post is on top. Scroll down and see the challenge description from 2 weeks ago … that’s the best place to start.

  8. Rachelle, Love your home and the beautiful pictures you post! I completely understand when something extreme happens in your life it turns your world upside down and depression is as real as a splinter in your finger. I am so glad you were able to dig your way out and not slide deeper in. You have a wonderful talent and a kind heart. Being a part of Marys 91 day organize group has helped me get back on track and I am so glad you are there using your talent to help us

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