My Earth Day Video {I tried …}

I wanted to do a quick post in honor of Earth Day tomorrow, and then I thought that a video would be even more fun. I love videos for some topics, because I can just be me without grammar or spellcheck. I’m not fancy with the videos (#aintnobodygottimeforthat), so I just walk you through my living room instead of turning off and on the camera. Ha!! Becoming awesome at taking and editing videos is on my bucket list, but I’m not going to wait until then to start.

The video starts under my kitchen sink, then I walk through my dining and living room to get to my laundry room to show you my detergent there. Then I walk back to go outside to show you my strawberry patch. The only part I planned was under my kitchen sink, I just got in a chatty mood.

If you are interested in any of the products I show you, you can browse Shaklee’s cleaning products HERE. Basic G is a little trickier to find on the website, so you can find it HERE. {I am a Shaklee distributor, which means I get a commission when you purchase Shaklee products from my links. Hopefully that just makes you even happier to buy them. I only recommend what I truly love.}

Buy the entire cleaning kit HERE. When you order the cleaning kit, membership is free. Shaklee membership is just a savings benefit. There are no monthly minimums or strings attached. You get to be a member free for the rest of your life! The benefit of becoming a member is lots of savings for you and special member-only events! (The benefit to me is that when you become a member from one of my links, you stay MY member, and whenever you order now or in ten years, you get your discount and I get paid. Thank you! See all the ways to join as a member HERE.)

There you go!! Happy Earth Day!!

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4 thoughts on “My Earth Day Video {I tried …}

  1. Mary, thanks for sharing your cleaning products and simple descriptions of their uses. It was a treat to have a live tour of your lovely home and strawberry patch. I, too have a love for gardening.

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