Organize the Laundry Room

An organized laundry room is important. I consider the laundry room to be the “command center of housekeeping”, so it makes sense for it to be in order. Of course, making it a pleasant place to be helps too!

Organize the Laundry Room

Choose carefully what you store in the laundry room. In an effort to keep “like with like”, keep items that relate to housekeeping and home maintenance.

In my cabinets above my counter, I keep home maintenance items, vacuum parts, lightbulbs, essential oils, and extra laundry supplies.

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Depending on the weather where you live, you may not want to keep paint in the garage where it could be ruined. Away from the heat in the laundry room is a great place for it.

In the upper middle cabinet I keep all my paint and paint supplies. This cabinet is far away from my dryer and does not get warm. I also have my steamer in a basket on the bottom shelf. It seems to have gotten hidden behind the picture title.

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If you have a lot of space in your laundry room, there may be other categories of items you could keep, such as first aid items, some tools, etc. Do not fill the space with random items just because you have the room!

The upper cabinet on the left end is not full. I keep a part to my dryer that I use very rarely and beach towels. No need to fill a space just because it is there.

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Give yourself a place to keep dirty cleaning cloths as you clean your home, so these rags don’t end up spreading germs and yuckiness all over your floor to spread throughout your home.

Also, keep your laundry soap close by where you use it. Make it easy to throw a load of laundry in! Laundry is the never-ending chore, so make it as convenient for yourself as possible.

Above my washer, I have two coral baskets, one for dirty cleaning cloths and one for dirty hand towels from the bathroom next to the laundry room. I also have a basket for all my laundry supplies.

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Here are my little baskets. I made the tags by laminating craft paper. I’m pretty sure I’d know which basket was which without the labels, but it helps everyone else who lives here!

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I have a hook on my dryer where I keep a re-usable bag. I’m always seeming to need a bag to hold something while I run errands. We moved our spare change “vacation fund” to the laundry room counter. Saved me a trip walking spare change to the office where it used to be. This is also where I keep the hand vacuum. Because there isn’t much floor space, I keep the garbage on the counter. It mostly gets filled with things I find in pockets and lint. On the floor below the bag is a drying rack.

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Another organizing tip is to create a “junk drawer” that is helpful, not junky. It seems most junk drawers I come across while I help people are just postponed decisions. “I don’t know what to do about this, so I’m going to throw it in this drawer so I don’t have to decide.” Or something like that …

My junk drawer has a few cleaning supplies, tools that are frequently used, stain pens for nicks in furniture, tape, and sunscreen. The most important thing in here is probably the scissors. There seems to always be a need for scissors right here!

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In the lower cabinets, I keep my cleaning supplies, trash bags, and a few misc. items related to cleaning.

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Add hooks to your laundry room. They come in handy!

The hooks here hold all sorts of randomness. I like their versatility. Sometimes they hold towels, hangers, and stuff like it. I’ve moved my laundry basket on the floor in the corner, because I’ve decided it is more convenient there.

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Use the space you have, even your hiding space like walls behind doors.

On the wall behind the door I keep cleaning tools hanging, as well as a lingerie bag I fill with socks my kids leave around the house. I keep my laundry and cleaning routine checklist here too. This list is redundant with the one I keep in my planner, but it really is satisfying to cross it off twice! (The painting is mine.) I still love the white paint I added with a stencil on this wall only.

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An organized laundry room is not out of your reach. It doesn’t have to be complicated!  I hope these tips with a tour of my laundry room helped you realize that you can organize your laundry room. Just do it.

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Okay, so you organize your laundry room, but what do you do with all of your laundry.

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How to Kill The Laundry Monster

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6 thoughts on “Organize the Laundry Room

    1. Those are Elmer’s Freestyle brand. They are awesome! You can search online for where they are sold near you or you may find them at JoAnn’s.

  1. First of all, I totally agree with you about the laundry room being the command center of housekeeping. If the laundry is kept up, you just feel better about your whole house. And it becomes enjoyable. Secondly, I highly recommend your technique for doing children’s laundry to everyone. It is so easy!!! And thirdly, I still love your white stenciling on your laundry room wall also. It is just lovely. And thank you for still inspiring me. I remember when you were in high school and I would sometimes go to your room for a few minutes and just enjoy it. You always kept it so clean and organized. Little did I know then that someday you would be helping others to discover that clean and organized homes are awesome!!! Love you much, Mom xoxo

  2. Have to share with you a silly story, Mary. By grace, I have had, for the most part, an organized and well running laundry room. Not decorated, but fully functional for a family of 10. A number of years ago, I happened to strip all the beds at once in the morning. Something I never do. I went back to homeschooling my children and didn’t get all the loads done at once. The pile of nineteen sheets was sitting on my laundry room floor, and who decides to spontaneously visit but an older woman from our church.

    Unfortunately, our side door is next to the garage and is where everyone comes in, not our front door. This side door goes right through our laundry room, hence the need to keep it clean and organized. The door bell rang, I opened the laundry room door, and discovered the woman standing there with a big smile on her face. I cringed inwardly, warmly invited her in, and opened wide the door to my full laundry room. Her smile quickly faded. As i directed her steps over/around the huge pile, I thought,” I am never going to live this down.” Fortunately she only made a few comments after I excused the huge pile over/around which she had to walk. Lesson learned.

    After that I only strip beds if i am going to load and wash immediately. I also bought another bin specifically just for sheets. :) Thanks for all your suggestions and ideas!

    1. Lol! That would be my luck too! Like the one time I answered the door at noon in my pajamas (I had infant twins) and the “kind-hearted” lady still brings it up to me almost 10 years later! After that I just didn’t answer the door if I knew it was her. Ha!!

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