The Kitchen {Home Tour}

The Kitchen

I’m having fun going slowly through my house with you, touring one room at a time.

Earlier this week, I showed you my Dining Room and my Pantry. Today’s tour will complete this corner of my home. The last time I showed you my kitchen was 3 years ago, so this tour/update seems long overdue! The cabinets and furniture have a lot more scratches and dings in them, but that is going to happen with four kids running around this place.

I think I’ll just let most of the pictures speak for themselves.

The Kitchen - breakfast bar

The Kitchen - Fridge and Broom Closet


The Kitchen - stovetop

The Kitchen - Spice Drawer

The Kitchen - gadgets

I was excited to declutter enough to put the recycling bin inside of the cabinets. It cleans up the look next to the garbage can.

The Kitchen - recycling cabinet

I use the double oven several times a week. You know those kitchen upgrades you wonder if you’d really use? This is one I wouldn’t give back!

The Kitchen - double oven

The Kitchen - farmhouse sink

The Kitchen - baking corner

The Kitchen - baking cupboard

This corner cabinet is kind of awkward to open, so I keep Serving dishes that are used only occasionally.

The Kitchen - Serving Dishes

The Kitchen - cupboards

Drawers, drawers, drawers.

The Kitchen - lots of drawers

The Kitchen - Yellow Stool

Inside the blue island —

The Kitchen - Island Insides

The Kitchen - blue island

There you go! That is my kitchen.

I’ve already made a few tiny changes to my kitchen since I took these pictures last weekend. I’ve only done small things, like put the kids vitamins in a different container. Things are always changing around here because that just seems to be how it goes. In another three years, my older girls will be 12 and probably cooking even more. There probably won’t be any sippy cups in drawers and plastic dishes won’t be needed. Yep, change won’t stop anytime soon.

How has your kitchen changed in the last three years?

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31 thoughts on “The Kitchen {Home Tour}

  1. We now have the slide out drawers which is great. Also, I had the boy’s dishes up in a cabinet above the counter. I decided to move all their dishes lower below the counter so 2 of them could actually reach them. Something that sounds so minor really helped loads. Love your kitchen!

    1. In that drawer under the microwave. I decided not to show every drawer and cabinet in the kitchen because there are too many. I decided that I would do a post about my cleaning cloths and under my sink all by itself. That post will come in a few months. :)

    1. I don’t have many cookbooks, but they are on the shelves in my little desk nook in front of my pantry door. I will be showing more about that in a separate tour. :)

    1. Interesting idea! Right now I kind of like the different height levels for some of the taller dishes, but I’m always changing things. ;)

  2. I love your drawers! I was wondering how you got so much stuff into them, until I saw your flatware holders and realized that your drawers are twice as wide as mine. I can only fit one across. Sigh. Anyway, I love the idea to keep plastic baggies and Box Tops right in the island. It makes so much more sense to keep them right where you use them.

    Thanks for doing the clutter challenge again. I am going at a much slower pace, and it may take me all year, but I’ll get there. We’ve been in this house for 9 years, have added a son and a dog, and removed nothing but the truly baby items. It’s overwhelming, but I have to do it for my own sanity, and to set the example for my 7 year old. So, thanks again for the inspiration.

    1. The plastic baggies used to be in a bottom drawer, but since I’ve moved them, my husband has thanked me several times when he is packing snacks, etc. for the kids! It really is the little things that make a big difference.

  3. I want a kitchen just like yours ! Do you use the water hydrant at the stove ? I just think that looks so handy.

  4. Hey Mary! (it is weird not calling you Bobo). It’s Katrina (Foote) :)

    You are amazing! You always were so organized (and amazing) in high school too. I have to admit I covet your natural organization skills! We need to catch up sometime. You have a beautiful family and home!

    Where did you get your clear dividers that you use in most of your drawers? I love them!

    1. Katrina! What a pleasant surprise! It is so nice to hear from you!! The clear dividers are from Target and Bed,Bath,&Beyond. Take care!

  5. Love your kitchen…very up to date. My present kitchen has lots of drawers and cabinets, like yours. However, you’ve done a great job at organizing. I have several tools installed already, but went out today to get a few more items for the pantry. Will help alot.

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