The Pantry {Home Tour}

The Pantry

My pantry is a closet right next the kitchen. You already know how I feel about taking pictures in closets, but I still wanted to show you my pantry. I could have removed all the little extras to make the pictures really pretty, but I thought I’d show you a real pantry instead. The kind of pantry that gets opened and used several times a day by six different people. Yes, even the two-year-old gets in there. He knows exactly where the pretzels are located and how to pour himself a bowl. I’ll admit his snack independence comes with the cost of sweeping pretzels and goldfish out of the nooks and crannies of the floor several times a week, but it feels worth it when I need to unload groceries or prep dinner!

{At the bottom of this post, I am going to give the complete list of all the labeled containers. It is a very long list, but it is realistic and actually gives everything a place to go when we put away groceries.}

So, here goes a tour of how I organize my pantry …

The Pantry 2

The glass bowl at the top is our granola-making bowl. We use it to mix huge batches of granola and we keep all the granola-specific ingredients in it when stored.

The Pantry 3

I found these can organizers on Amazon about 8 years ago. Still love them!

The Pantry 4

The gray bins are sorted by ingredients I use for certain dinner types. Our most common are Italian, Mexican, Asian, and then I have a “Meal Stuff” one for things that fit other categories.

The Pantry 5

The red bins are kid-specific. The little clear thin bin holds tuna boxes, which are a favorite food for one of my girls. I mean, she just loves tuna! A few times a week we let her take one in her lunch. Looks like we’re almost out!

I make grocery shopping easier by stocking up on commonly used things when it runs out and comes up on the grocery list. That way it shows up on the grocery list less frequently and each trip to the grocery store requires looking for fewer items. This is important with a two-year old in tow!

The Pantry 6

I made these labels myself. I laminated pretty card stock, cut them into 8 pieces per sheet, and then added a white sticky label on top.

The Pantry 7

These bins on the bottom of the pantry keep BBQ and party stuff contained. It is really nice to go shopping in this party bin before my kids’ birthdays.

The Pantry 8

These colorful plastic bins are from Target. I’ve gotten them slowly over time. Some of the colors aren’t available anymore, but I’ve seen white and gray recently. The bin on the lower left of this picture is where I keep plastic containers I use for freezing or taking meals to people.

The Pantry 9

We do a lot of baking. My girls are becoming very proficient little chefs! My 9 year old made lemon squares last Sunday start to finish without my help. I was in the kitchen with her making bread with her twin sister and she didn’t need to ask me a single question!

The Pantry 10

Yes, my kids know where the treat ingredients are located. Enough said.

The Pantry 11

These are the supplements I use when we have stomach aches or other little aches and pains. Garlic is a good one to have around, though I’ve learned enough is enough of that.

The Pantry 12

I grab our vitamin bin each week when I refill our vitamin trays. My kids take a daily probiotic, multivitamin, vitamin c, and sometimes a few other things to fill in some gaps.

The Pantry 13

Everything has a place in here!

The Pantry 14

And now, as promised, the list of the labeled bins (left side, right side, left to right, top to bottom):

  • Condiments, Meal Stuff, Italian Food, Mexican Food, Asian Food
  • Tuna Packs, Snacks, Squeezes, Toddler Food
  • Oatmeal, Cereal, Cereal, Goldfish, Pretzels, Popcorn Kernels, Rice, Fruit Cups, Crackers + Chips
  • Sugar, A.P. Flour, Rice, Wheat
  • Cake Decorating
  • Adult Meds, Family Meds, Adult Vitamins, Kid Vitamins, Natural Remedies
  • Treat Ingredients, Treats: Drinks & More, Shaklee Protein (twice)
  • … a million baking ingredients …
  • Freezer + Friends
  • BBQ Supplies, Party Supplies, Bread Flour

(The things on the lower right of this picture are extras of things that go in canisters. Like I said, if I am going to grab 1 box of cereal we eat regularly, I am going to grab 4!)

The Pantry 15

That’s the pantry! Now I feel like baking something, or at least a snack.

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17 thoughts on “The Pantry {Home Tour}

  1. I like how you have put flour, sugar, etc. in similar containers. I have so many different shapes and sizes of containers it just looks horrible and doesn’t fit well. I need to invest in some of these and some labels. Thanks for showing us. Love the Pantry door.

  2. Since you put all your food source in your pantry, what is in the top shelves of your cabinets in the kitchen i.e., like on each side of the stove/over? I also have a pantry but I keep all my kitchen appliances in there. it’s also outside of the kitchen, so i always thought the pantry was to far for all my food sources.

    1. I don’t keep food in the kitchen except for a few things like vanilla in the baking cabinet, spices, fruit on the counter, and what is in the fridge. All other food is in my pantry. I store baking dishes and serving dishes, and things like that. I’m doing a post on my kitchen that will publish tomorrow, so hopefully that will make things more clear. :)

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your pantry pics and methods. I am in awe. I really like the use of color and shape to further group items. It is time for me to scour Internet and dollar stores for some deals on bins. Thanks again.

  4. Great pantry! I’ll be referring to this soon once I get going on mine. I like the can organizers. You need more stuff in your “natural remedies” basket – LOL! I don’t see any potatoes, onions, or garlic. Do you keep those things somewhere else in your kitchen? I also love your labels. Do you have a laminating machine? I appreciate these tours of your home! Thanks for sharing with all of us!

    1. I don’t always have potatoes and onions on hands and I just keep my garlic in my veggie drawer. :) I do have a laminating machine. I don’t know if it would be worth having one just for the occasional label making, but I use it all the time for things in my planner shop.

  5. I love all the y-weave baskets and appreciate the up close picture of how you’ve attached the label. I am a professional organizer and while my pantry is very functional and organized, my containers are out of date and I’m looking to “pretty up” the place. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Absolutely … unfortunately they don’t sell them anymore. I found these at Target and a few months later they stopped selling them. It was my luck – sorry to have that rub off on you! ;)

  6. Mary, you stated you purchased can organizers on Amazon, I bought some from Amazon, they didn’t work at all. Any chance you remember brand?

    1. I’m sorry, I really don’t. I bought it over 9 years ago! I wonder if they changed how they made them. They do have their annoying moments, but I’ve figured out how to work around those and have been happy with them for a long time. I can’t imagine just having my cans on the shelves after getting used to seeing them clearly.

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