Create an Indoor Garden

Create Your Indoor Garden

This spring I was more ready for flowers than any other year. I’ve been craving some garden therapy. This year I decided to create a little indoor garden spot with a little utility cart. Just in case you could use some garden therapy, I want to share my little setup.

1) Place a utility cart, bar cart, or a table near a sunny window.

I setup an inexpensive IKEA utility cart in my kitchen near a large window that gets lots of afternoon sun. I chose a variety of plants that were functional, fun, or beautiful. The cilantro and basil I use in cooking, the cactus is just fun, and the other one is just pretty.

The top of my indoor garden

2) Collect for Compost.

The middle of my cart has an aloe vera succulent and my garden compost bin. This compost bin is a big upgrade from the one I had last year. Last year’s compost bin had little slits in the top that let gnats go in and out. It was also heavy and ceramic. This new one is from OXO, and I love the design both in look and function. If I’m chopping veggies, I just pull this over to the counter and sweep all the cuttings right in. When it is full, I dump it in my compost bin outside.

The middle of my indoor garden cart

3) Set your watering schedule.

I’ve marked my planner to water my indoor plants on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. This schedule works in my routine, and you you can make these habits routine, you don’t forget them! These flowers on the bottom like the shade, so I put them where they’ll get a peek of sunlight but not a ton of direct sunlight from the window. This watering can is also from OXO. The way the end rotates around makes it easier to store.

The bottom of my Indoor Garden

4) Keep Your Garden Tools Handy.

I use scissors to cut off my herbs when I’m ready to use them, and also the occasional dead leaf. The little shovel came in handy when I was transferring all of these plants into the decorative containers. The little sweeper makes cleaning up my cart very easy. And you know I like it clean!! The tiny pots I use for seedlings I’ve already moved to the outdoor garden.

my garden drawer

“Mom, take my picture in front of your flowers.” Check.

my favorite flower

I love my little indoor garden!

My Indoor Garden Cart

I miss my outdoor garden. Right now a construction zone stands between us. Don’t you love the contents of my porch littered around my yard? Yeah, it’s totally awesome … or it will be (I keep repeating over and over in my head).

the backyard demolition

In my front, I’m doing hydrangeas again in the containers. I shared my hydrangeas last year, but sadly, they didn’t survive the containers over the winter. I’ll have to try something new this year to keep them alive.

my 2015 hydrangeas

I’m going to try to keep one blue (with extra acidifier), and one pink. The pink ones are a peppermint variety of hydrangeas that my girls fell in love with at the store. I really like the blue/purple one, but it was hard to ignore their cute faces pleading for the pink one.

my 2015 hydrangeas 2

I love all my plants, but there is something really special this year about having plants to enjoy inside too!

*This post is sponsored by OXO, but all ideas and opinions are my own.

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  1. I love it! Question for you, is the little sweeper OXO as well? I love how it fits in the little drawer.

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