I want to clean YOUR messy room!!

MOMS messiest room in america

What is the messiest room in your house? Would you be willing to let me come and organize it for you? Alliance Rubber wants to make that happen for one lucky mom anywhere in the US!

They are hosting a giveaway. I will fly anywhere in the US and help the winner organize their messy room. Entering the contest is simple too. You take a picture of your messiest room, go to the Alliance Rubber Facebook page, and upload it to the contest right there on Facebook. The photo that receives the most votes wins!! You have until May 31st to enter, but don’t wait so you can start getting votes now!

This totally reminds me of when I was younger and I’d clean the rooms of all my friends when I’d go over to play. (As you might imagine, I was pretty popular amongst the parents of my friends. Ha!!) I loved watching the transformation. That passion is what led me to become a professional organizer and I still get an adrenaline rush from organizing messy spaces into clean rooms.


I’m going to pick a few of the pictures and give some pointers that might help them and others make some quick changes too. Comment here and let me know that you’ve entered so I can go look for the picture of  your room! And don’t worry, I will keep you updated throughout the process and show you the winning room’s transformation too. I can’t wait.

*Be sure to go to the contest page for all the specifics. This promotion is sponsored by Alliance Rubber.

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29 thoughts on “I want to clean YOUR messy room!!

  1. I would love for you to come to Harrogate and clean my bedroom but I don’t think they will pay for that one.

  2. Well, I’ve not done well with following the 91 day challenges because I was finishing my Bachelors degree. I just finished my last class last week, so I’m finally starting to attempt to declutter and get control of my house again. I just posted the room that is so overwhelming that it makes me feel like crying every time I have to walk in the. Unfortunately my “craft disaster” is the room I have to walk through to get to the laundry room. :-( I could really used some help or pointers or something. Thanks! !

    1. I will look for that picture and think of some pointers in the very least! Go tell all your friends to vote for your picture so that I can come help!

  3. Hi, I entered. I would love some thoughts on sorting out my sewing/crafting/nusery/supply closet aka the 3Rd bedroom!

    1. I was reading all the purposes of that room and then saw nursery in the list. I would love to come help you sort that out and give the baby a nice room! :)

    1. Scotland is so beautiful! I love that we can connect over things like trying to make our homes awesome places to be even though we live across the big pond!

  4. Hi Mary, This is just the ticket to save lives, marriages and families! Is there a way we can vote without having a Facebook account? Thanks for your help. MJ

    1. Sometimes you just have to start with one drawer, one countertop. Submit your picture! I would love to help. Getting one area under control can give you a jumpstart!

  5. Mary, if I were to win, could I transfer my winnings to someone else? As much as I would love to win, I have a dear friend who needs more help than anyone ever I’ve met at organization. Plus her mother just died and she’s going through a rough time. I know it would mean the world to her and it would mean a sense of accomplishment at a time when she needs it most. Is it possible for me to do that? Let me know, thanks!

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