Vote for the winning messy room!!


Last week I shared the exciting news that Alliance Rubber is sending me to one lucky winner’s house to help them clean a messy room. It is not too late to enter! You have until the end of May to post a picture.

I was just checking out the entries so far and noticed an interesting phenomenon … the votes are still low on the pictures! I can get a little competitive. I mean, I’m the mom who doesn’t let my kids beat me at games. BUT, I’m just saying … If I were you and wanted me to come organize a room in my house, I would enter a picture and then tell all my friends and family to VOTE.

I’ve worked with clients all over the range of incredibly messy to just a little messy. I know how to transform a messy space into something beautiful – And I want to do that for you!! 

Go enter and/ or vote right now!! Each vote really counts in this!


I still plan on picking a few of the pictures and sharing some insights and tips for quick changes, so stay tuned for that. Exciting, Exciting!!

*Be sure to go to the contest page for all the specifics. This promotion is sponsored by Alliance Rubber.

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