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We are a week into summer here, but I am just now creating our summer calendar and bucket list. I decided to give us a week to just be. It was nice, but the last few days my kids and I have been asking about going here or there and it sets us all at ease to plot it out on the calendar. This way we can get to everything on our list without a big frenzy the last few weeks of summer.

I created this calendar tonight and thought I’d share it with you!

Summer Calendar - FREE from Mary ORGANIZES


We are going to put ours up in the kitchen. I’m most excited about a zoo trip we’re planning. I’ve been teaching my 2 year old the sound a giraffe makes (a slurping tongue noise – I made it up from our many trips visiting the Springfield Dickerson Zoo giraffes). He confidently makes the noise as we discuss frequently discuss various animal noises. He has a pretty fierce Lion roar as well. I can’t wait until he feeds the giraffe out of his hand and hears that slurping tongue sound!!!

And while you’re planning your summer, don’t forget to order your 2015-2016 planner. More styles have been added and will continue to be added. The planner starts now and goes through next June!

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