The Living Room {Home Tour}

My living room. It shows up in a lot of random posts on the blog, but I realize I’ve never actually shown you the entire room in one post. I’m remedying that right now and showing you the second most frequently used room in my house (it is a close second to the kitchen).

A few months ago I showed you how I created the easy statement art above my mantel. You can read about it HERE (spoiler: it is framed pieces of fabric). I found the rooster at Hobby Lobby. I have temptations to paint it or stain it a slightly darker color, but I don’t know. Thoughts?

Living Room Tour - Mantel

And the curtains on these windows were sewn by me. I sew all of our curtains. It is the only way I’ve figured out to get curtains the exact length and color/material combo I want.

Living Room Windows - curtains

This yellow table is a recent addition. I got it as raw wood from IKEA, put it together, painted it yellow, then antiqued and sealed it. I really love it. I moved the old cabinet to an open spot in the living room.

Living Room Tour - yellow table

This cabinet holds our kid’s movies. I have four kids and their stuff is everywhere, but I do what I can to disguise it in plain sight. I don’t believe you have to decorate your home in primary colored plastic just because you have kids!

Living Room Tour - cabinet

Of course, I’m not trying to hide any trace that kids live here. I keep this toy bin out for my little guy. The toys in here are always changing. If the bucket ever gets too full, I just take the toys back upstairs to the playroom. It fills back up with whatever toys he carries around the house and leaves downstairs. I love this toddler stage. His hands are always full of stuff: cars, animals, his blanket, anything he finds interesting. He drops things and then drops more as he leans over to pickup what he dropped first … and that repeats a while and usually ends with me putting things in this bucket for him to find later.

Living Room Tour - Kid Stuff

Usually the difference between a family room and a living room would be that a family room is more casual and recreational focused, where a living room would be a place you’d sit and visit with guests. There is a widely popular notion to keep the tv out of the living room, but in the practical use of this room I like having a tv. And I like pears. You might have noticed they’re all over the place in this room.

Living Room Tour - the tv

I also like having a sectional and how my entire family can sprawl out on this enormous couch and hang out on a Sunday afternoon.

Living Room Tour - the comfy couch

The added bonus of the sectional is the way it hides my living room from the front door. Acquaintances or strangers stopping by my front door wouldn’t be able to see the laundry I am in the middle of folding or my toddler’s trains covering the floor.  (If it is someone I know well enough to invite in, they can see my mess.)

Living Room Tour - Welcome

This is the view from the kitchen. You can see the collage wall I created.

Living Room Tour - view from the kitchen

Here is that wall close-up. I did a blog post all about creating it if you want to read more HERE.

Living Room Tour - the collage


Oh, and if you’re curious, the flower art above the tv cabinet was super easy to create. I bought square canvases, wrapped in fabric (this yellow fabric used to be the curtains in my dining room), and then glued a flower right on. Easy peasy.

Living Room Tour - Flowers on Canvases

So, that’s my living room. And I really am going to finish showing the rest of my rooms. I know, you can hardly take the excitement.

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10 thoughts on “The Living Room {Home Tour}

  1. Thanks Mary, your living room is lovely. Having that much light in the room makes it look so fresh cheery. Can I ask, where did you get your rug? I would suggest painting the rooster black, to compliment the fireplace, or that nice coral color from your dining room cabinet, just my opinion! MJ

    1. Thank you! I’m going to go with the coral color! :) {And the rug is from the rugsusa website. I usually wait until they have their sales, because the prices become very good.}

  2. Very pretty! Light and airy and I like your picture wall! Btw… My thought on the chicken is yes, darker but maybe with that color you painted that cabinet a woke back. Something that has a little red “base” to out but not red. Could be a brown with red under time etc. I Think that would make it pop. Heck even white! What’s bothering you a little is that is close to your wall color. Fab house!!

    1. Great point about it blending with the wall. I think you put into words what was bothering me about it! I didn’t know why it didn’t work, but I just couldn’t love it. I used up all of my coral paint, but I think I’ll get some more and make the little rooster sing.

  3. I love every inch of it ! It is so pretty. You have given me some ideas . Can’t wait to see the rest of your home !

  4. Your family room actually gives me ideas for mine. It’s actually a very similar foot print and placing of kitchen, fireplace and Windows. I love the peacock picture! Another take away is having a cute bucket for toys. I just fill a laundry basket at night and haul everything back to the playroom. Why not get something cute and leave the toys there? Great idea! I need someone like you with an eye for design and style. You rock Mary!!

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