#3: The Hall Closet {Organizing Boot Camp}

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Before we jump into the hall closet, I want to check in about how you are doing on the first two assignments. If your bed isn’t made, go do that now! See dirty clothes on the floor? Pick those up and put them away now! Really, I’m not kidding. I’ll wait right here until you get back.

Assignment #1: Reset & Living Standards
Assignment #2: The Junk Drawer

Okay, good. Doesn’t that feel good? Learning the basic living standards of being organized is connected to organizing the hall closet more than you might think. We can get that hall closet organized awesomely, but keeping the basics under control is how you are going to keep it organized awesomely. Make sense? 

Now, let’s dig into your next assignment.

Assignment #3: Organize your Hall Closet(s) following the six organizing steps.

Reminder: Read How To Organize here for a refresher.

Your hall closets could include lots of different types of items: coats, games, seasonal items, linens. If you have multiple closets, assign specific purposes to each closet.

Step 1: Declutter

Depending on the size of your closet, this first step is going to need a little space. Pull everything out, sorting into your relocate box, donate box, trash/recycle bags, or keep pile.

Time saving tip: As you touch each item while pulling it out, immediately put it in your relocate, donate, trash, recycle, or keep pile. Don’t let the process drag out painfully. Practice making quick decisions. Do you really need this thing? Did you stick it in the closet because you don’t know what to do with it and you are postponing getting rid of it? 

Make sure you take the time at the end of this step to put away the relocate items and get rid of anything that you aren’t keeping. Get these things out of your way so you can focus on what is staying!

Reminder: Read How To Declutter here for a refresher.

Step 2: Sort like with like

The sorting step could be pretty fun because closets can store such various things. If you are sorting games, distinguish kid games and adult games, jackets could be sorted by person or heavy/light, linen closets could be sorted by towels, sheet sets, etc.

Time saving tip: To continue with the time saving tip from Step 1, go ahead and sort like with like as you place things in the keep pile. Don’t get stuck on minute details, just general piles of similar items. Keep it fast!

Step 3: Put the stuff back in the closet

After steps 1 and 2, step 3 is so satisfying. Put the stuff back in! Put the things you use more frequently in the easiest to access places in your closets. Lesser used items can go toward the back of the closet or the top of the closet.

Step 4: Put your piles of stuff in containers that make sense based on size.

As you put things away, would your stuff be easier to put away and access again if there were containers to store things in? Are the containers you have working? Would shelves be helpful or a hanging rod helpful? It is easier and cheaper to update your closets storage system than it used to be! There are so many products out there that you can get to make your closet space more functional. Take the time and do it right! It doesn’t matter if your living situation is “temporary”, you can leave the grass greener for the next person and live better in the meantime. Think about it as paying it forward and paying yourself at the same time.

Step 5: Make your closets look nice

I have a friend that has her clothes closet decorated over the top. She has her own and has completely made it her own: fun paint color, leopard rugs, and more. I love the principle behind her stance. She spends time in her closet every morning and every night, why shouldn’t she get a little surge of happiness every time? It doesn’t matter that guests don’t see her closet, because she sees her closet! Stop thinking about your hidden home areas as disaster zones, and think about making it nice for you!

Step 6: Make a plan to maintain the closets

I think the best time to maintain closets is by having organized standards for yourself. Don’t let yourself throw junk in the closet out of sight. Other than that, I recommend doing a formal maintenance of your closets twice a year – once a year when you do the 91 Day Declutter, and another time of the year when you get in there to do a detail dusting and cleaning.

So that is Assignment #3! Repeat that for all of your hall closets during the week. Your next assignment will come in time for next weekend.

Get to it, soldier! Report back and let me know when you finish.

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4 thoughts on “#3: The Hall Closet {Organizing Boot Camp}

  1. Do hall closets include the linen closet, or will that be a different assignment? Mine is in need of some organizing anyways, so if I have time, I may just do it, but I was curious.

    1. Yes, I would include it. Might as well, right? Unless you have a million other closets in your hallway and just can’t get to it. ;)

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