#6: Laundry {Organizing Boot Camp}

SOBC 6 - Laundry Restart

Just joining the Organizing Boot Camp? Here is what you’ve missed:

Assignment #1: Reset & Living Standards
Assignment #2: The Junk Drawer
Assignment #3: Hall Closets
Assignment #4: Common Kitchen Problem Areas
Assignment #5: Kid Clothes

If you are struggling, go back to #1 and Reset. Focus on your Living Standards. And you’ll want to make sure you read How To Organize for a reminder of the process.

Since Assignment #1, I hope that you’ve kept your floors free of dirty laundry. For this Organizing Boot Camp assignment, we are going to go back to basics. I want you to catchup with laundry so you can start with a clean slate next week and organize an effective laundry system for yourself. Hopefully working on your Kid Clothes over this past week takes a big bite out of this assignment for you.

Assignment #6: Organize your laundry, give yourself a clean slate, and start fresh with a plan to keep up.

Step 1: Declutter

Pull out all of your dirty laundry. (Check out Organizing Boot Camp Assignment #4: Kid Clothes for help with decluttering clothes if you skipped that step.)

Step 2: Sort like with like

Sort your laundry into piles that are washed together.

Step 3: Put the stuff back

Wash the laundry and put it away where it belongs!!

Step 4: Utilize containers or organizing tools

Do you have baskets in convenient locations for dirty laundry? Each of my children has their own basket. It is a big part of my laundry system for kids that makes kid laundry SO MUCH EASIER.

Step 5: Make your laundry area look nice

I think doing laundry in a clean laundry area/room makes a big difference. Take the time right now to clean your laundry area and spruce it up a bit. Feel motivation to keep it that way!

Step 6: Make a plan to maintain

Read How To Kill The Laundry Monster and develop your plan right now for MAINTAINING laundry. Even though laundry will always be constant in our lives, it does not have to be a constant pain.

How to Kill The Laundry Monster
So that is Assignment #6! Because laundry is such a big issue, figuring this out is an important step in your organizing journey.Your next assignment will come early next week. It will be a good one!Get to it, soldier! Report back and let me know when you finish.

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