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Assignment #7: Memorabilia (current assignment)

If you are struggling, go back to #1 and Reset. Focus on your Living Standards. And you’ll want to make sure you read How To Organize for a reminder of the process.

You may have noticed a slight delay in this post publishing. I’m so sad to say that last weekend my grandma died suddenly. My grandma had been living with us for about a month and we loved having her here. It was such a shock and obviously affected my ability to attend to the blog and boot camp. I’m sorry for any confusion during the last week as you’ve looked for your next assignment. I hope you’ve had a chance to catch up, take a break, or both.

Assignment #7: Organize your memorabilia.

Memorabilia takes many shapes and forms. Kid artwork and school papers are very common types. There are also those piles of miscellaneous memorabilia in the corners of offices, piles taking space in closets or garages. Chances are there is something in your house that looks like clutter, but might actually be mementos passed down from loved ones or sentimental remnants of past experiences.

This week’s assignment may feel inspired by my recent loss, but this was actually in my plan from the beginning, because this is a problem area for many people AND a great way to start the school year. I organize my kid’s memorabilia per school year, so this is a great time to spruce up the system and make sure everything is prepped for the new year.

When you have your memorabilia shoved somewhere, it is a way of postponing a decision on what to do with it. My philosophy with memorabilia is keep the things that truly have meaning to you and find a way to use and honor them. The dishes passed down from your grandma? Use them. The things that are left in attics and in the backs of closets will lose meaning for future generations. The only way to keep the meaning alive is to incorporate your important things into your life, even if just nicely displayed.

There is only one more assignment left in the boot camp after this one. Make this week count!

The Process

We’ve been practicing in the first six assignments how to organize. Now I am going to challenge you to practice the process this week without detail steps provided. I will give you the first step, though, pick your project! And then please tell me, because I really want to know!

If you need inspiration on what to work on, I will suggest family photos or memory boxes for your children’s school artwork. This post below also talks about letting some of the sentimental items go, as well as how to setup a memory box for your child. {Read Saving Little Johnny’s Artwork Forever {Organizing Memory Boxes}}

Memory Boxes - Organize a reasonable amount of your children's sentimental things

So that is Assignment #7!  Your final assignment will come next week. Finish strong!

Get to it, soldier! Report back and let me know when you finish. Please let me know what memorabilia you’ve decided to organize with this assignment!!

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10 thoughts on “#7: Memorabilia {Organizing Boot Camp}

  1. I will be tackling the diaper box filled of papers and pictures/artwork etc for my kids. I have one box for each kid but they are filled way too high. I will be discarding some and making a file folder for each school year.

  2. I’m thinking a few of you will be one of the older generation with kids gone but the memorabilia are still lingering in boxes at your house. I am part of that group. I will be downsizing and have been working on this for quite sometime now. Here is a suggestion. Get a thumb drive for each child and take a picture of the drawing, hand sculptured clay masterpiece, school papers, awards, letters, baby blanket, toy, etc. then store them on that device and perhaps somewhere in the “cloud” also (as we all know computer storage devices change rapidly). I lost a precious (grown) daughter and it has been very difficult going through her own memory boxes that were passed back to me by her husband. I’ve been able to reduce to a photo so many things, but, without the sadness of throwing her things away.
    Perhaps, if your children are still young, present your child at Christmas or on New Year’s Eve with a book (so easily created online) of the “precious” things they have created over the last year (and that you have already taken a picture of). It might start a tradition and save a lot of space as your family grows. Also, a book can be displayed and enjoyed without taking up too much space. Thank you, Mary, for your forum to help young families…and where we can share ideas to help organize our lives.

  3. Yesterday, I bought 6 storage boxes and will date them over 10 years starting at ’60 to ’70, ’70 to ’80 and so forth. Then from there I will break down photographs to 5 pages for 10 years. I was so overwhelmed with boxes and boxes of photos I was having nightmares. My husband and I were both camera nuts. Now…. I think I have a handle on it. I will only allow myself one page per year for my grandchildren. My daughter has everything on disk ~ I have to keep remembering that.

  4. Hello Mary, I’m writing from France and just discovering your blog through other blogs or research of tips about organizing ! I will tackle one of your organizing sessions in order to help me through my need of tossing and keep the right things should I say or at least the ones meaningful to me ! I often moved so it was a good time to get rid of a lot of stuff but now it’s not the case so I could maybe pretend I move to do so ! Let me send you my thoughts for your loss, I miss my grand-mother with whom I lived being a child and teen even now so let me send you my best regards !

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